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2005.05.13 Tour de Fast Food

The Tour de Fast Food is for those of us who can't really decide what we want for dinner, yet we know we want to eat out. As of this writing, our daughter functions perfectly in a car. In other words, she falls asleep. In order to avoid crying and fussing while sitting somewhere, we have restricted our food service consumption to that of the fast persuasion (so we don't have to take her out of the car and wake her up).

This idea is not limited to only those in our situation, but possibly further. Please feel free to expand upon this as you see fit.

The Tour de Fast Food is very easy to understand, and possibly easier to execute.

How to perform a Tour de Fast Food:

  • The two (or more) people in the car take turns deciding where to eat.
  • At each service establishment, one (and only one) item of food is purchased for each person.
  • The meal may be eaten in any order.
  • No main course is required (but highly possible).
  • The food may be either eaten in the car, or if you're so daring, in the "restaurant" itself.
  • This experiment was originally performed with Maria.

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