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2005.11.23 Urgent Voice Mail

Just because you don't listen to your voice mail doesn't mean that I don't. Just because you only esteem the "urgent" messages from others as urgent, doesn't mean that I do. You, nor your message, is important enough for me to work with it any quicker than I would anybody else's message. It never helps that you send EVERY message as "urgent". When is something NOT urgent? Has it ever crossed your mind that there might be a hierarchy of urgency? Whoa… go figure. You're an idiot.

For everybody else's credit, they don't seem to do this. Most other people seem to understand this hierarchy of urgency. They seem to be able to realize that I respond very well to voice mail. But one person, who happens to be horrible at responding to voice mail, email, in-person conversations, drop-ins, smacks upside the head, bricks on the foot, threats, blackmail, casual conversations, social hints, or other things along those lines, seems to think that the rest of us are equally incompetent.

It's not that I want to push corporate crap of improving communication skills, or adapting communication styles to audiences… but they've got a point with some of that stuff. This person, by the looks of it, seems to have been here since dinosaurs roamed the earth.

I can understand that in prehistoric days, pterodactyls might not have responded well to non-urgent voice mail. They could be getting various messages about a feeding in a couple days at the local watering hole, or how the new brontosaurus couple that just moved into the neighborhood wanted to invite them over for dinner next week. But if they get news that somebody just keeled over, and the food isn't going to last too long, so they better fly on over if they want a snack.

Well, whether it's the new brontosaurus couple in the neighborhood, or some lame "urgent" business matter… this person needs to get a clue.

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