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2005.04.28 Utah Accents

Let's start this out with a couple of words, and I want you to say them out loud. Listen carefully to yourself as you say each of the words. We'll discuss these pronunciations later.

  • Mountain
  • Button

Both of those words have a common ending. Mountain and Button seem to be two perfect words that people with a Utah accent tend to mispronounce. It is fairly beyond my understanding, and I wish to set the record straight. Fellow dwellers of Utah, please pay close attention and take any corrective action necessary.

The defining mispronunciation is the T (or t's) in those words. For whatever reason, some people feel obligated to say "mou-in" and "buh-in", as if the T's didn't exist. Is it really that difficult to tap your toungue on the roof of your mouth to make that simple sound? It doesn't seem that difficult to do. In my opinion, the lack of the letter makes your pronunciation of that word on par with a toddler. Congratulations.

Words in which you seem perfectly capable of pronouncing the letter T:

  • Teetotaler
  • Tobacco
  • Salt Lake
  • Retarded

If you have any difficulty in pronouncing the previously mentioned words, please call somebody from another state, and ask them for assistance.

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