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2005.06.02 Wendy's Spoons

Wendy's has caught enough undeserved grief lately with the whole finger-in-the-chili stuff. Yeah, the lady planted it in there, and she'll go to jail for a good chunk of time. Despite the bad press, I still choose to go to Wendy's. I personally really like their chocolate Frosty Dairy Dessert. I like them fresh. I like them after they've been in the freezer for a while. I like them when they've melted a little. I like to dip my fries in them. I like to eat them with a spoon. The thing that needs to change is the spoon that Wendy's provides.

The spoon at Wendy's is just too deep. I slide my top lip along the spoon when I take it out of my mouth. It leaves the spoon clean, and I get everything off of it. The Wendy's spoon has issues because it is just too deep to be able to do the slide. Some people might claim that it is nice and deep because of the infamous chili that is sold. Whether I'm eating chili or a chocolate Frosty Dairy Dessert, I still can't do the slide. Despite semi-popular belief, my mouth is NOT too wide.

At some point you would have thought that they would have done a little bit of research on this one. I don't want to have to turn my spoon over to be able to get everything out of it. They might have done the research and I was just left out of it.

Possible participants with whom the Wendy's people did spoon research:

  • Small Children
  • Bottle-nosed Dolphins
  • Ant-eaters
  • Midgets

People of Wendy's, please learn from this mistake. Even though Dave is dead, it doesn't mean that your quality needs to dip as low as the bottom of your spoon. Ooh, that's a low blow.

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