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2009.06.17 Fever° Red hot. Well read.

A self-hosted feed aggregator, reader and ranker, designed by the same brilliant man behind Mint. I've been a Google Reader user for a long time, but have wanted a self-hosted version for quite a while, mainly so I could own or control my content. Although I've tried most other services, I kept going back to Google Reader for one main reason - it would scan my feeds even when I wasn't connected. Not many other services out there offered that, and others I tried were just too fugly to consider. Fever not only aggregates while I'm disconnected, but it has a stellar interface. The best bit of hotness, is that it analyzes your feeds and groups things that have been linked to frequently by multiple sources, and comes up with a handy temperature for how hot that bit of news is. I, like many others, have known Shaun was working on something like this for a while, but I was extremely pleased to see exactly what it was. Well worth the $30.

Tag(s): webgeek

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