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2014.07.07 Tap In

Tap In

I've had this tab open in my browser for weeks now, as the World Cup has been going on. I love the design, and responsive nature of the site. It has clear information presented in a perfect way. Love it. #

2014.07.03 World Cup Stamps 2014

World Cup Stamps 2014

A great concept, and a shame that it's just a self-project. I've thoroughly enjoyed this year's World Cup, and these would be a great commemoration of that. #

2014.07.03 Vote For Pedro 10th Anniversary Art

Vote For Pedro 10th Anniversary Art

I would love it if there were actual prints of this. Napoleon Dynamite is one of my favorite movies, and was blown away to realize it's been 10 years since it was released. This particular piece is slightly in the style of Shepard Fairey, or old communist propaganda. No matter what, I love it. #

2014.07.03 Smarty Pins

Smarty Pins

This is a really simple and fun game, which teaches you geography using Google Maps. Read the clue, identify the place, get points deducted for how far you are from the right answer, and get a small bonus for answering quickly. I've played a handful of times, and will undoubtedly play it more. #

2014.05.17 The Running Bum as Sad and Admirable

The Running Bum as Sad and Admirable

I'm not a runner. It's never been something that has appealed to me. It's endless pain and torment. I feel no joy staring at a long road, down which I've "chosen" to run. All of this dislike aside, Jeff has a great line within this post:

We wake again and again to ourselves in the middle of life somehow, bound to a contract of habit that we don't remember signing. This is the case for everyone.

I took this on a more spiritual level than he intended, but it applies to everyone. At some point, I hope you live your life intentionally, and don't live it by default. #

2014.05.17 The Roast in the Fridge

The Roast in the Fridge

That moment has stayed with me my whole life—that cool, controlled response to a threat, the absolute refusal to play the victim. In ... my mother’s calm dispatch of a home invader, I witnessed the assertion of one’s basic right to live life without being f***ed with. And I saw the power of that assertion.

What a great example from a mother. #

2014.05.17 Speedometer Confusion

Speedometer Confusion

How simple.

The number on the speedometer isn't always an indication of how fast you're getting to where you're going.

So often we forget that. Focus. #

2014.05.02 Actually Reading

Actually Reading

I acknowledge I'm sharing an article that advertises its lack of desire to be shared. At the same time, I feel like it's worth reading and sharing. Slow down. Read. Absorb. Enjoy. Improve. Move on. #

2014.04.18 Web Hosting for App Developers

Web Hosting for App Developers

This was all over my corner of the interwebs a few weeks ago. I'm not an app developer (yet?), but I value the simple advice for setting up a web server. For a year I tried one of those hosts he mentions. I actually really liked it, but couldn't justify the cost considering this website is... well, it's not like it's making me rich, or even paying for itself at this point. At any rate, Marco's advice is solid, to the point of making we want to give it another shot, if for nothing else than the speed of a VPS. #

2014.04.18 True Facts About the Octopus

True Facts About the Octopus

If my official education was as humorous and informative as this video, I probably would have done something with myself apart from making this website that my mother doesn't even read. One of my favorite quotes:

"It is widely known that the interestingness of an animal is proportional to how difficult it is to figure where its ___ is." #

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