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2013.09.04 Stephen King’s Family Business - NYTimes.com

Stephen King’s Family Business - NYTimes.com

I read this article about a month ago, and I haven't been able to get this piece out of my mind:

Entertaining their parents, for the King children, was part job, part enrichment. At bedtime, they were the ones expected to tell their parents stories, instead of the other way around.

Ever since then, I've put this into practice, recording the results. If I'm really cool, one day I'll do something with them. The results so far have been pretty fun and varied. Maybe you should give it a try. #

2011.01.29 Dimitri Tishchenko's Magnet Structures - (Flickr)

Dimitri Tishchenko's Magnet Structures - (Flickr)

Dimitri Tishchenko makes sure you'll always feel inferior when playing with Buckyballs (small super strong neodymium magnets). I admit I didn't look through all 721 photos currently in the set, but I'm sufficiently impressed. #

2010.11.30 Jen Renninger's Collection of Boxes: Design Observer

Jen Renninger's Collection of Boxes: Design Observer

I can appreciate collectors of unique things. Keep it within reason, and apply some form of logic to the collection, and you're okay in my book. These boxes and her approach are pretty cool. #

2010.08.20 Patterns for Colouring

Patterns for Colouring

I wish this would have existed when I was a kid. This blog is full of patterns and drawings that are just waiting to be colored. Although I really liked a lot of these, I've printed off #2 and #54 to revisit my colored pencil collection. Kudos to Carlton Hibbert (the blog's author) for doing this. Truly awesome. #

2010.05.17 Bicycle Personalized Playing Cards

Upload an image to be on the back of the cards in the deck. Might be nice to commemorate a small event where they're guaranteed to be used... like the one I have coming up in just a couple months. #

2010.04.11 AquaAntics Water Bomb Factory

AquaAntics Water Bomb Factory

My domination as king of water balloon fights would have only been increased by the awesomeness of this. $10? Sign me up. #

2009.12.09 Eddie Aikau 2009

Eddie Aikau 2009

A beautiful photo of a wave. I love the combination of the mist, swirling water, and obvious power of the ocean in this. If you have some time, click around to see some of the photos of the surfers themselves on the waves - just to see how huge they really are. Impressive. #

2009.12.04 La Blogotheque - Phoenix (Take Away Show)

I love this. I really like the band Phoenix. I don't remember how I found them, but their music works well for me. La Blogotheque got their hands on the band in Paris, and recorded three mini performances by the EiffelI Tower, on a tour bus, and under a random bridge. I love the informality of the performances, the questionable video style, and the pureness of a street performance (or three). I wish they made a full acoustic album. That'd be fun. #

2009.11.09 A Turk's Head knot video tutorial

I think it'd be handy to have something like if only to try to reduce wear on an existing handle, and potentially distribute weight more evenly. The time requirement to make this is a bit hefty, but might be worth it. #

2009.10.25 Inside The Tube: Incredible Wave Photography

Inside The Tube: Incredible Wave Photography

Gorgeous wave photography. I know the name of my site is a play on a words, but I still find incredible beauty in the sea/surf/ocean. #

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