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2011.05.24 Major Joe - Heartland Relief T-Shirt

Major Joe - Heartland Relief T-Shirt

Joey Ellis designed this t-shirt, with proceeds benefiting the Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services. A good cause, and a good looking shirt. Just $20. #

2011.05.12 Draplin Design Co. Embroidered Patch

Draplin Design Co. Embroidered Patch

Sign me up for one of the Factory Floor Orange patches. His work speaks for itself. #

2011.03.07 The Duck Whisperer T-Shirt

The Duck Whisperer T-Shirt

Speaking of things you can buy for me, add this to the list. I thoroughly enjoy The Amazing Race, and think Justin & Zev are entertaining. On last night's episode I noticed Justin wearing this t-shirt, and am pleased to see they're selling some. $31, XXL please. Thanks in advance. #

2010.09.07 Monster in the Closet - Threadless

Monster in the Closet - Threadless

2XL, please. #

2010.06.04 Poison Apple

Poison Apple

This would have been an entertaining t-shirt, except few people would have understood it. (Let's just say, Adobe's Flash and Apple's mobile products don't get along, and there's been more of a stink about it lately.) #

2010.01.25 Threadless - "The Beetles" T-shirt by Alex Solis

Threadless - "The Beetles" T-shirt by Alex Solis

2XL, please. #

2009.09.07 Guess What Chicken Butt T-shirt (red)

Guess What Chicken Butt T-shirt (red)

If you don't know what to get me for Christmas, here's an idea (in this color, and large enough to fit my girth units). If you're my oldest daughter, you have absolutely no idea why I said "Chicken Butt" as often as I do, but this would clue you in. #

2009.09.01 In My Shoes: Fall collection in progress

A kindergarten-aged child sketched her own clothes, and her mother was kind enough to create the drawings for the child. I'm sure my wife would love this idea, and might even venture to do it herself, especially considering the artistic abilities of my oldest daughter. #

2009.08.03 Leaders of Tomorrow

Leaders of Tomorrow

Though nowhere nearly as applicable to me these days as it was before, I'd still love to have this shirt. #

2009.07.04 Vintage Clothing Tags

World Famous Design Junkies put together a collection of vintage clothing tags. I've always been interested in some of the tags on my old ties or gag clothing (seriously). #

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