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2014.02.16 Star Wars 80's High School

Star Wars 80's High School

I love this concept art by Denis Medri for Star Wars as an 80's high school film. It's not that I'm even a big fan of Star Wars, and especially not of 80's high school movies, but this is great. #

2013.09.20 Dribbble - Puffin by Josh Williams

Dribbble - Puffin by Josh Williams

I love this. I'm not sure if it's the lines, or the colors, or the abstraction, or what. This is the first I've seen of Josh's work, but if the rest of it is as thoughtful and well made as this, I may have a new man crush. #

2013.06.06 Spiced Holiday Punch by Simon Frouws

Spiced Holiday Punch by Simon Frouws

I saw this almost two months ago, and haven't closed the tab in my browser. I love the detail of this, the colors, and the overall feel of it. What great work by Simon Frouws. #

2012.11.26 Jerrod Maruyama - Breakfast Buddies (Flickr)

Jerrod Maruyama - Breakfast Buddies (Flickr)

I'd like to have a bowl of cereal right now, thanks in part to an insubstantial lunch, and the memories of staring at each of these boxes growing up. Even after all these years, I still think Corn Flakes is a crappy cereal. #

2012.11.26 DKNG Studios - The Films of Wes Anderson

DKNG Studios - The Films of Wes Anderson

I'm not a devout fan of Wes Anderson's films, but I've enjoyed those that I've seen, and I like the feel of each of them. As you might guess, I really like the design of this poster, and the insight into the design process. #

2012.11.12 Mille Bornes Design

Mille Bornes Design

An interesting view into the historic design of Mille Bornes - a fabulous game I've always enjoyed. Growing up, we had the 1971 version in my home, which sported the 1960 card design. I'm intrigued by the “edition spécial”, but no matter which version we play, I'm most certainly going to try to Coup fourré you. #

2011.06.08 Project Thirty-Three

Project Thirty-Three

Kind of similar to Record Envelope, except for the actual album covers themselves. I love this collection, and already see lots that I'd happily use as inspiration. #

2011.02.07 Feltron 2010 Annual Report

Feltron 2010 Annual Report

An impressive "encapsulation of [his] father's life, as communicated by the calendars, slides and other artifacts in [his] possession." He shows the original items in this Flickr photo, but has turned it into something more. I'd personally enjoy a mix of the designs and stats he's shown, along with scans and transcriptions of the actual items, in order to tell a more complete or comprehensive story (though it's probably a bit too personal to share in such a way with the entire interwebs). Either way, impressive work. #

2011.01.17 World Famous Design Junkies - The Ace of Spades

World Famous Design Junkies - The Ace of Spades

I like this collection of photos of the focal point of any deck of cards - the Ace of Spades. It'd be nice if the pictures were closer of the individual cards (and if their site weren't so appallingly slow). #

2011.01.17 Soap Flakes : Nathalie Stämpfli

Soap Flakes : Nathalie Stämpfli

I despise soggy bars of soap, especially those intended for hand-washing. Apart from liquid soap (about which I have separate complaints), this is a great solution. Too bad it doesn't appear to be sold anywhere. #

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