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2011.01.17 Sarah Bridgland - Design*Sponge

Sarah Bridgland - Design*Sponge

I saved this link back when it was originally posted (in June 2009), but never posted it. I thought the 3-D paper collages by Sarah Bridgland was very cool. I love the colors she uses, and the focus on type. She clearly has a great eye. Check out Sarah's Flickr stream for further proof. #

2011.01.17 Albert Menes Sardines

Albert Menes Sardines

I love the detail on this package of sardines (scroll about a third of the way down on the linked page). Feels like a nice balance between busy details and white space. Although the company's site is in French, and you can't see any of their products close-up, it's clear that their whole line of seafood/fish products are designed in a similar way. #

2010.12.31 Typewriter Ribbon Tin Collection - a set on Flickr

Typewriter Ribbon Tin Collection - a set on Flickr

I love this set of vintage typewriter ribbon tins. I'd be a complete sucker to start collecting something like these. #

2010.11.10 Dreamfarm | Tapi | Tap/Faucet Squeeze Drinking Fountain

Dreamfarm | Tapi | Tap/Faucet Squeeze Drinking Fountain

One of my early blog posts was about a product similar to this. Tapi seems like it would have troubles on the vast majority of faucets in my home, but Jokari (the company who makes the original gadget I blogged about) doesn't look as nice or function as well. Either way, these types of things are a dream to have. #

2010.10.23 IBM 'Outcomes' Campaign

IBM 'Outcomes' Campaign

Clever double-meaning ads by the Dutch Uncle Agency. What's better is that it isn't just once, but multiple times. Very cool use of negative space. #

2010.10.23 f8 Conference | Bernard Barry

f8 Conference | Bernard Barry

Bernard Barry made some great posters that fit very well into the desired message of the recent f8 Conference. I'm not much of a fan of Facebook, but his incorporation of chaotic and organized elements is extremely well-balanced. I love these. #

2010.08.16 Michael Tseng - NASA Redesign

Michael Tseng - NASA Redesign

A straight-forward and perfect approach to a redesigned NASA logo and concept. Don't miss my preferred NASA II logo of his as well. #

2010.07.02 July Wallpaper Calendars by Natalie Jost

July Wallpaper Calendars by Natalie Jost

I've already set the first one there as my desktop background (and I bought a whole mess of fireworks yesterday as well). Next stop? Tear-up when listening to the star spangled banner. #

2010.06.16 Hidden Posters of Notting Hill Gate Tube Station

Hidden Posters of Notting Hill Gate Tube Station

The tube station at Notting Hill underwent renovation in/around 1956-1959. During the process they sealed off a portion of the passageways, and left things as they were, including this set of advertisements on the walls, which were only recently discovered. #

2010.06.04 Calligraphy Address Stamps - Primele on Etsy

Calligraphy Address Stamps - Primele on Etsy

Need a beautiful, customized return address stamp? This should be your choice. Hand-drawn calligraphy, converted into a rubber stamp for your convenience (or if you're so inclined, get one for each of your wedding guests, or other options). Very cool. #

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