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2010.06.03 Papercut - LA×NYC Map

Papercut - LA×NYC Map

Interesting how you can turn something so mundane into something cool. I should document my next road trip, but I'll spare you the view of 8 hours of desert. #

2010.06.02 A Proposal To Go Where No NASA Logo Has Gone Before

A Proposal To Go Where No NASA Logo Has Gone Before

A proposed logo change for our favorite space agency. Seems far more adaptable than their current logo, and not so outdated. #

2010.04.12 American Choppers: Wind-up teeth chair

American Choppers: Wind-up teeth chair

Although my wife would never allow it, I think it'd be awesome to have this chair in my front room. Very, very cool. #

2010.02.19 Parliament of Owls - Holiday Cards

Parliament of Owls - Holiday Cards

I love custom-made cards - birthdays, holidays, whatever. I think they have a bit more style and awesomeness in them. In this particular case, each of the members of this design team have created their own. Although each card is different, they carry a similar-ish theme (and color palette). I feel like I should start working now on my card for this year. #

2010.02.04 Monopoly goes circular for 75th Anniversary

Monopoly goes circular for 75th Anniversary

I enjoy the game, though I hardly ever play it because it tends to put people in a bad mood. In this circular design for their 75th anniversary, I think the larger (former corner) spaces on the board will help certain sides or stretches of the board to be easily recognized. Not sure how I feel about the digital banker. #

2010.01.25 Darren Drew Design

Darren Drew Design

Site of a new (to me) designer and illustrator, Darren Drew. I particularly like the retro, yet approachable feel to his work. It makes me want to try to make something like that. File this under inspiring. #

2010.01.21 Under the Milky Way - Ross Berens

Under the Milky Way - Ross Berens

Ross Berens has created a beautiful set of posters about our solar system. I particularly like the typesetting on these. They have a retro, but not quite retro feel to them. Just lovely. #

2009.12.14 Design*Sponge » Before & After: Will Mean's Chair

Design*Sponge » Before & After: Will Mean's Chair

The first Before & After on Design Sponge that I've liked in a while (the chair, not the room). Similar to the reviewer, I like how the designer, Will Mean, lets the wood grain show through the paint. If I could change anything about it, I would alter the racing stripe a little... but I don't know how. #

2009.11.16 Jessica Hische Typography

Jessica Hische Typography

Brilliant work by an illustrator/designer that is completely new to me - Jessica Hische. I love her work, especially her hand-lettering, which is her self-proclaimed specialty. I can clearly see why. What a fabulous find for the day.

Update: I'm such a space cadet, that I forgot I've already linked to her. At least the other was on her blog (which isn't super-obviously linked to from her portfolio). I'm also glad that I'm consistent in my linkage - previously it was her typography that grabbed me, and it still is. #

2009.10.01 Moxie Sozo | EatPastry

Moxie Sozo | EatPastry

I love this cookie dough packaging design. It has a great layout and a clean design (despite the amount of content that seems to be on there). Very slick. #

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