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2009.09.22 X Almond Surfboards - MWM Graphics

X Almond Surfboards - MWM Graphics

I'm diggin' these surfboard designs. Maybe it's all the geometry, or the slick colors, or that natural wood fin… whatever it is, I like 'em. #

2009.09.14 The Painted Pretzel Packaging

The Painted Pretzel Packaging

Besides looking delicious, these pretzels have a fabulously designed label as well. They contribute to the "hand-crafted" message of the product, and have a nice artisan feel to them. Now if only I could get some of those pretzels... #

2009.09.07 Swink | Let’s Tell Better Stories

Swink | Let’s Tell Better Stories

I love the illustrations, colors, and concept behind this self-promotion of Swink. They have great colors, simple message, and I love the fact that you can pop them out and build stuff. The whole camping/campfire motif reminds me of a previously linked-to Coleman concept piece#

2009.09.07 Design*Sponge » Decorating with Houndstooth

I can enjoy houndstooth as well, though I'm not obsessed with it. Anything that has such a cool name probably deserves some level of attention. I think the wallpaper would be cool to have on a small wall (because it would probably make my eyes bleed on a huge wall), though $85 for a single roll is… excessive. #

2009.09.01 Papier Valise ~ Provisions

Papier Valise ~ Provisions

The owners of Papier Valise have an eye for lovely old labels. Vintage paper (and other provisions) are all available through their online shop (some in large quantities). This particular example reminds me of something that inspired, or could be re-created with that beautiful typeface Phaeton#

2009.08.28 Teecher Satisfaction

Teecher Satisfaction

A cleverly designed scan-tron (think: standardized test form) for teacher/professor reviews. #

2009.08.23 Jessica Hische - Alphabet Letterpress

Jessica Hische - Alphabet Letterpress

While I'm on the topic of posters, this is a beautifully designed alphabet. Each character has a great feel, and an obvious attention to detail. #

2009.08.23 Alan Hynes Poster - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Alan Hynes Poster - Ferris Bueller's Day Off

I'd love to own a copy of this poster (or even better, to get one without the extra date/time crap on there). It's a great movie, and I think this is an awesome poster. "You killed the car." #

2009.08.13 Alice Stevenson - Barbara Trapido

Alice Stevenson - Barbara Trapido

Something in these designs grabs me. I don't know if it's the informal, but obviously deliberate design. Be sure to see Alice's blog for other fine examples of her work. #

2009.07.11 The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows

Possibly due to my recent thoughts being filled with how to use that blasted new typeface Phaeton, and its older feel... or maybe it's because these illustrations are so spot on and perfectly fitting such a classic book. Either way, they deserve an appreciative review once more. (or see the full flickr set#

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