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2014.02.01 Resilient Joy - My Journal System

Resilient Joy - My Journal System

Rod Christiansen shares some great ideas on journaling, using one of my favorite tools - DayOne. Of particular note here is the list of tags he uses. Digital journaling, combined with tags makes for an awesomely powerful tool. Personally I really like writing in a journal. For those of you that have never done it (or have only done it with an audience (apart from yourself) in mind), I would highly recommend it. I'm not sure if it's the forced-introspection, or the liberating nature of getting thoughts out of your head, but I think most anybody could benefit from it. #

2014.02.01 The Museum of Mario

The Museum of Mario

Yet another item I forgot to link to a while ago. I enjoyed this trip down memory lane for the various version of Mario. Admittedly, the first Mario I beat was actually Super Mario Bros. 2 (which some would call an abomination), but the introduction of Toad into the family has changed things forever. #

2013.09.04 Stephen King’s Family Business - NYTimes.com

Stephen King’s Family Business - NYTimes.com

I read this article about a month ago, and I haven't been able to get this piece out of my mind:

Entertaining their parents, for the King children, was part job, part enrichment. At bedtime, they were the ones expected to tell their parents stories, instead of the other way around.

Ever since then, I've put this into practice, recording the results. If I'm really cool, one day I'll do something with them. The results so far have been pretty fun and varied. Maybe you should give it a try. #

2013.06.13 FEZ


I know FEZ II just got announced today, but I'm still stuck on the original, because I've never played it. "...You play as Gomez, a 2D creature living in what he believes is a 2D world. Until a strange and powerful artifact reveals to him the existence of a mysterious third dimension." I've had a tab in my browser open to the trailer for this for weeks, and I re-watch it every day, trying to wrap my mind around this. Thankfully, they also released this game for PC and not just XBox, and it's just $10. Now to find a PC I can play this on (and to convince my wife I can buy it...) #

2013.06.12 “Geek” Versus “Nerd” - Slackpropagation

“Geek” Versus “Nerd” - Slackpropagation

68 thousand tweets were analyzed to find the distinction between the words of "geek" and "nerd". I tend to use the words interchangeably, but can clearly recognize the distinction. Be sure to see the hashtag analysis. It seems my interests are on the geeky side, but have several on the nerd side as well. #

2013.02.18 Learnable Programming

Learnable Programming

Bret Victor gives us another very thoughtful essay on programming (which I admit has been opened as a tab in my browser for the past five months). I admit I'm a person who has tried to learn to program several times, and (in my opinion) failed every time, despite being able to accomplish all of the prescribed activities. Now don't get me wrong, Bret doesn't offer some miracle solution that makes it so we can all program, but I really like his examples and encouragements. All of it may be the real reason why I've taken so well to SQL - my mind has easily taken to visualizing data in that way. #

2013.01.27 Kirby CMS

Kirby CMS

I'm to the point that I think my site is bloated. Although I like Movable Type (which is what runs this site), it's too heavy these days for what I need/want out of a site. Kirby CMS is almost in the complete opposite direction - a completely file-based CMS. I've been toying with it locally for a few weeks, and although I'm not ready to say I'm going for it, I can certainly see examples of how/when I'd use it. $40 to be database free, and insanely flexible. Very very tempting. #

2012.12.03 Enjoy - OS X

Enjoy - OS X

This handy little OS X application will let you use that non-standard gamepad (like an old school SNES gamepad, along with one of Retro USB's USB Super RetroPort), and use it in any application. USB Overdrive can too, but it's too much for my purposes. Now don't get me wrong, Richard Bannister's perfect Emulator Enhancer is all you need for SNES9X, Nestopia, or Visual Boy Advance. One of its best features is the ease of being able to turn it on/off, and to have different profiles for different programs… and you can't beat the price. #

2012.11.12 Retro Game Crunch - Kickstarter

Retro Game Crunch - Kickstarter

It's no secret I pretty much have a man crush on Shaun Inman. Now he's gone and come up with a Kickstarter project involving the same two collaborators as he worked with for Super Clew Land. You should back it. $25 for 6 7 games from him is a bargain, though that $75 tier sure looks appealing. #

2012.06.12 Readlists.com


The folks at arc90/Readability have created something I really like (though I'm still leery of them). Readlists give you the ability to create eBooks from a compilation of URLs. Simply type/paste in all the different pages you want combined, and it'll generate an eBook for you in multiple formats. It's perfect for things spread out over multiple pages (like Tor.com's Rothfuss Reread (see my Name of the Wind & The Wise Man's Fear readlists)).

I suppose that Marco Arment's brilliant Instapaper could do this same thing. You can just organize things in a folder, and export that individual folder as an ebook. The (current) benefit of Readlists is that they can be renamed, organized, and shared. #

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