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2009.10.25 Brandon Hardesty Discovered Something Amazing!


2009.09.30 100 Greatest YouTube Hits in 4 Mins

I'm mildly ashamed of how many of these I've already seen. If you haven't seen them before, this is a great place to save lots of time. #

2009.09.18 Oh, The Temptation - Vimeo

A charming video showing some kids given a choice: eat this one marshmallow, or leave it alone while I step out of the room, and if you don't eat it while I'm gone, you get a second one. Couldn't have been better timed thanks to the article I just linked to#

2009.09.09 McSweeney's: The Beatles: Rock Band Easter Eggs

In honor of the release of the game today, and always a fan of McSweeney's, this list of Easter Eggs found in The Beatles: Rock Band is great (albeit total BS). (Semi-related: a long time ago I found this rss feed for McSweeney's, since they don't provide one themselves. Handy.) #

2009.09.07 Guess What Chicken Butt T-shirt (red)

Guess What Chicken Butt T-shirt (red)

If you don't know what to get me for Christmas, here's an idea (in this color, and large enough to fit my girth units). If you're my oldest daughter, you have absolutely no idea why I said "Chicken Butt" as often as I do, but this would clue you in. #

2009.08.31 Off The Mark Cartoons by Mark Parisi

Off The Mark Cartoons by Mark Parisi

Luke inadvertently grabs his lightsaber and ends up looking a good deal scarier than he had planned. #

2009.08.12 Translation Party

Type something in English, and this goes in cycles converting it to and from Japanese... until you find a perfect example like this. Entertaining for a few minutes. #

2009.08.05 xkcd - Estimation

xkcd - Estimation

I know I'm late on this one, but since I referenced it yesterday in conversation, I figured I could officially post about it. The Author of the Windows file copy dialog is truly a dolt. #

2009.08.03 Leaders of Tomorrow

Leaders of Tomorrow

Though nowhere nearly as applicable to me these days as it was before, I'd still love to have this shirt. #

2009.07.11 Dilbert - 7/9/09 - Compensation

Dilbert - 7/9/09 - Compensation

Like most Dilbert strips, this one is unfortunately spot on. #

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