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2009.07.11 Bad Domain Purchase

Bad Domain Purchase

This shipment of fail post reminded me of Tobias Fünke's business card (a character on the ill-fated, but wonderfully crafted TV series Arrested Development), which was a combination of an Analyst and a Therapist. See this clip, about 16 seconds in to see his job title. #

2009.07.07 darkgate comic slurper

I used to host a comic scraper on my own site, but all I really wanted was an easy way to read multiple comics. This "slurper" does that job for me now. It lets you customize which comics you want to see (out of hundreds) then can even conveniently put them into a RSS/Atom feed for daily consumption. #

2009.07.04 F Minus - Talent Day

F Minus  - Talent Day

"Actually, Ms. Logan, I called for it." #

2009.06.08 T-shirt: I'm really awesome at being humble

T-shirt: I'm really awesome at being humble

I'm not sure why somebody hasn't purchased this shirt for me, since nothing could represent me better than this shirt. #

2009.05.19 Leg Cramp - garfield minus garfield

Leg Cramp - garfield minus garfield

My favorite Garfield Minus Garfield strip. Reminds me of my wife. #

2009.05.12 Real World 404

Perfect. #

2009.05.05 Totally Looks Like…

totally looks like . More humorous than serious, but definitely interesting. #

2009.05.03 The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks

Always a good "blog" and one that I "remind" myself of frequently. I'm commonly frustrated by some people and their use of "quotation marks." (seriously, though... funny, and one I had forgotten about) #

2009.02.20 How much this graph reminds me of Mr. T

How much this graph reminds me of Mr. T

I pity the fool who doesn't laugh. #

2009.01.26 YouTube - cookie monster

One of the best musical performances I've seen on Sesame Street. The girl is adorable and interacts with Kermit in a classic way. #

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