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2009.01.09 SMeltery - MEgalopolis Extra

Handy, good looking, free typeface. Just imagining all the places I could use this. #

2008.12.22 Monopoly Repackaging | Andy Mangold

Monopoly, in spite being the classiest of all board games, unfortunately is packaged just as boringly and uncreatively as every other garbage board game on the shelves. Pretty slick. #

2008.12.08 McSweeney's Internet Tendency: List - What Could Have Been

Pretty freakin' entertaining. #

2008.12.03 Voala.eu - ICEBLOX

ICEBLOX ice cube tray, make an ice play the game, and chill your drink. I think my wife would find these humorous, but I don't know if she'd actually use them. #

2008.12.03 TUAW Tips: Replace login screen background

Handy. #

2008.12.03 The Origin of The Three Stooges - Neatorama

My earliest exposure to awesomeness. Very interesting to see how they started. #

2008.12.03 Sardine King - Vintage California Sardine Can Labels

Sardineking.com - The largest collection of vintage California sardine can labels on the internet. Fun. #

2008.12.03 Rocketboom Blog - Moderm Mechanix

Very cool old school illustration. I always think it's interesting to look back to see what we though the future would be like... and see how wrong we were. #

2008.12.03 oobject - 12 movie industry camera cars

Very cool insight into something that is usually so transparent. #

2008.12.03 Natuba - Humorous warning sign

DO NOT TOUCH Not only will this kill you, it will hurt the whole time you're dying. Awesome sign. #

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