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2009.05.06 YEAR OF MMIX

We just talked about this yesterday. Have you started on your MMIX yet? This site has. #

2009.01.26 YouTube - cookie monster

One of the best musical performances I've seen on Sesame Street. The girl is adorable and interacts with Kermit in a classic way. #

2009.01.26 Mashup DJ Girl Talk Deconstructs Feed the Animals

I loved Girl Talk's Feed the Animals album, and am constantly fascinated by all the compilations of data and tributes to/about it. #

2008.05.17 Waxy.org - The Whitburn Project: One-Hit Wonders and Pop Longevity

Really, this is just blowing my mind. I'm so excited to play with this data. #

2008.05.17 The Whitburn Project: 120 Years of Music Chart History

Holy crap...... and I mean holy crap. Why hasn't this been brought to my attention previously? AWEsome. #

2007.10.09 Coldplay X&Y Album Art Generator

Hm. Now their album art makes sense. Slick. #

2007.10.03 Record Envelope: sparton 1

I particularly like this one due to its older style of almost-but-not-quite right angle approach to the lines. #

2007.09.28 Record Envelope: REO Records

A library of factory sleeves. A reference for vinyl geeks and graphic designers. Illustrator Kavel Rafferty collects printed 7" company sleeves. #

2007.09.15 Josh's iTunes Album Art Grabber

It would sure be nice to have this all done automatically. I'd pay somebody to do this for me even. All so some luxury device can be more luxurious. #

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