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2009.06.26 Champlain Street, Quebec - Library of Congress

Champlain Street, Quebec - Library of Congress

The scene, with its washed out colors, and setup look great. Not something I would anticipate seeing in North America, but then again… I've never been to Quebec, and I wasn't alive in 1901 when this photo was taken. #

2009.01.26 Labels Project

An interesting project to collect (photos of) clothing tags. #

2008.12.03 Flickr: Panda

Really it's just the most recent highlighted photos, but now it's in a handy automated format, although mildly weird. #

2008.12.03 APOD: 2008 September 29 - A True Image from False Kiva

Very cool photo, and within traveling distance. I really need to visit those parks. #

2007.11.10 our approach to food photos | Smitten Kitchen

I love her articles and photography, so this was a super read for me. #

2007.10.06 Matchbox Collector's Catalog, 1969 - a photoset on Flickr

Fun old school stuff. Matchbox cars would be among some of the companies who's image I would like to see a development of - or how has their image changes from insimination until now. #

2007.10.01 World War 2 Pictures In Color :: World War 2 in Color

I love stuff like this. Not only for inspiration, but for just looking and learning. Sweet. #

2007.09.28 Helpdesk Warning Sign

If the help desk thinks your question is stupid, we will set you on fire. I love it, and only wish I could have a similar sign to that. #

2007.09.26 Pacific Pinball Expo

All that time and money spent trying to turn these things into something fancy, yet the guts of them is so cool it makes me wonder why they'd cover it up. #

2007.09.20 Toys manufacture in China (25 pics)

Hm. Interesting. Certainly gives a different spin on the toys themselves when you see how/where they're made. #

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