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2016.07.06 Eyvind Earle

Eyvind Earle

I had never heard of Eyvind Earle until the other day, but I really like his style. Great work on his shadows, and a simple approach that still conveys realism. I think this piece (called Path in Snow)w, in particular, is gorgeous. So perfect. #

2015.08.19 DKNG Icons

DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons DKNG Icons

I'm kicking myself that I didn't notice these earlier. I really like DKNG's work, and already own some of their work. Despite missing out on some of their prints, I still just snagged a copy of the one I would have bought, if coach would have put me in fourth quarter. There are so many fantastic designs, you have to look through them yourself. I'm a hoarder, so I've included some of my favorites here for your viewing. Really, fantastic work, yet again, by DKNG. #

2015.07.14 Paper Piranha Plant Flowers

Paper Piranha Plant Flowers

My wife has some paper flowers in a vase, and I'd love to add a couple of these to it. Still artsy, but oh-so-awesome at the same time. Simple DIY for a pest from the Mushroom Kingdom. #

2014.04.18 These Are Tearable Puns

These Are Tearable Puns

I love these. About a month ago I saw this flyer, and am obviously now getting around to adding it here to my existing set of flyers (mine/linked). Special thanks to John Cooney for pointing me towards Google for finding an original of this flyer. #

2014.04.14 Density Playing Card Deck

Density Playing Card Deck

I collect things. It's true. It annoys my wife, but I try to keep it under control. I love playing cards, and Roni Lagin's Density cards look really cool. I don't know if it's the guilloche-like patterns, or what. If you're pining to get something for me as a surprise, look no further. #

2014.03.30 Pop Chart Labs - Diagram of Dogs

Pop Chart Labs - Diagram of Dogs

I've spent too much time looking over this diagram, seeing how different dogs and breeds are related and connected. I'm not so much of a dog person that I'd want a print of this, but maybe you are. Regardless, it's really cool. #

2014.01.30 It's Dangerous to Post Flyers Alone - Take This

It's Dangerous to Post Flyers Alone - Take This

This Zelda flyer is an old find, but I've been wanting to link to this for a while. Add this the other useless flyers and those out there. #

2014.01.02 Dave Perillo - Charlie Brown Christmas

Dave Perillo - Charlie Brown Christmas

Like most other posters I want (or even end up buying), I have no clue what I'd do with this. I'd probably give this to my mother who loves this movie, and laughs at loud at her favorite character - Snoopy. #

2013.08.12 Have a Nice Day Street Sign - PleatedJeans.com

Have a Nice Day Street Sign - PleatedJeans.com

I wish I would have thought of this one while I was making my own rather useless flyers. Add this to the Lionel Richie flyer, and you're set. #

2013.06.13 Field Notes - "Night Sky" Edition

Field Notes - "Night Sky" Edition

I admit I'm an absolute sucker for Field Notes. I love the feel of them, and especially love the quarterly editions they come out with. This one is, unsurprisingly, right up my alley as well. I love the black, the constellations, the "reticle graph" pattern inside, and the seal of the perfect staples. I've already ordered one three-pack, but if you wanted to buy me more, that wouldn't hurt my feelings. Hurry up, though, since they'll go fast. #

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