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2010.06.23 Original Pac-Man Illustrations

Original Pac-Man Illustrations

Toru Iwatani shares some of his original Pac-Man design illustrations. Pretty interesting and cool to see. #

2010.03.05 Mimeo and the Kleptopus' Ringtones

Bryan Veloso made some ringtones from some prerelease songs from Shaun Inman's awesome (and previously linked) Mimeo & the Kleptopus King. Personally I prefer Jaunt, and have already loaded it on my phone. #

2010.02.24 Mimeo and the Kleptopus King

Mimeo and the Kleptopus King

I'm continually fascinated by the brilliance of Shaun Inman. Seriously. He's such an incredibly talented person, and this, his next project, doesn't appear to be any exception. Instead of the power-ups being provided just to the player (Mimeo), they're provided to the environment as well. #

2010.02.24 Glen Brogan - Return to a classic

Glen Brogan - Return to a classic

At Galleries 1988 a new Glen Brogan print is being made - one that will appeal to the Mario fan in all of us. I might just need to purchase this when it gets released. #

2010.02.15 Magical 8bit Plug

An easy way to make your own 8-bit tunes. This handy plugin easily incorporates into GarageBand - select your instrument, edit it, select magical8bitPlug as the sound generator, and you've got instant 8 bit power. Pair this up with the discovery of Audio Overload (a respectable OS X video game music player). Although AO is nowhere near as good as what I discussed before, the combination of all these things has me hearing/playing/making/editing 8-bit sounding music. #

2009.09.14 Life-Sized PaperCraft Link

Although I thoroughly enjoy the Zelda series of videogames, and think Link is a pretty cool dude, I would never make something like this, no matter how impressive the final product looks. #

2009.06.03 The Beatles: Rock Band Trailer

Add this to the list. This video shows more what the gameplay will look like. I'm thrilled they've historically represented the band members, venues and general feeling that each of the songs and albums had. I tend to feel extremely sorry for people who despise, dislike, or don't fully appreciate the impact The Beatles had on modern music. Basically I just think it shows ignorance… but that's a different rant for a different day. #

2009.06.03 The Beatles: Rock Band Press Conference Trailer

I don't know of another game in recent history for which I have been as excited as I am for this game. I love The Beatles, and I'm really looking forward to playing this game and enjoying the music. #

2009.05.25 axono.me - isometric pixel art grid library for jQuery

Pretty slick setup. I was most captivated by the racing cubes demo, so I tossed together a little axono.me Mario Brothers Race which wasn't much of a stretch beyond one of the original demos. #

2009.05.18 "Magic Mushrooms" - T-shirt by Ian Summers

Great t-shirt that just might need to join my wardrobe. While we're on the topic of video games… I think Super Mario Brothers 2 was such an enlightening game, since I still think of the jumping style of each of the characters, based upon on they originally performed in that game. The two characters on this t-shirt (Toad and Luigi) were my two favorite characters in that game, very closely followed by Princess Peach. Sorry... back to your regularly scheduled links. #

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