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2012.11.12 Mille Bornes Design

Mille Bornes Design

An interesting view into the historic design of Mille Bornes - a fabulous game I've always enjoyed. Growing up, we had the 1971 version in my home, which sported the 1960 card design. I'm intrigued by the “edition spécial”, but no matter which version we play, I'm most certainly going to try to Coup fourré you. #

2012.07.18 xkcd: United Shapes of America

xkcd: United Shapes of America

I'm particularly pleased to see this is available as a print. I've already purchased it, but I admit I might not hang it. That's just how I roll. Check out the detail on Colorado, because it's particularly entertaining. #

2012.06.12 Idlewild | Hoefler & Frere-Jones

Idlewild | Hoefler & Frere-Jones

I, like many others, love this new typeface from Hoefler & Frere-Jones. As a person who doesn't design much these days (except for occasional things for myself), it's hard to justify the cost. I also love the sample pairings they show at the bottom of the page (and on the Features page). It's a bit too sleek/modern for the project I'm currently working on, but I would love to have this typeface as an option for an accent. #

2011.06.28 DKNG's Black Keys Poster

DKNG's Black Keys Poster

I think I might just like DKNG's style. You might remember the Cake poster I linked to a bit ago. This newer poster for The Black Keys (whose Brothers album I thoroughly enjoy, and you may as well), has a similar feel. I like the touch of having the artists (barely) in the illustration as well. (I also really like that the whole design process played out on dribbble (click the rebounds link).) #

2011.05.24 Major Joe - Heartland Relief T-Shirt

Major Joe - Heartland Relief T-Shirt

Joey Ellis designed this t-shirt, with proceeds benefiting the Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services. A good cause, and a good looking shirt. Just $20. #

2011.05.12 Draplin Design Co. Embroidered Patch

Draplin Design Co. Embroidered Patch

Sign me up for one of the Factory Floor Orange patches. His work speaks for itself. #

2011.05.12 Calgary Script by Sudtipos Type

Calgary Script by Sudtipos Type

I love this typeface, and I know I've talked about it before, but I've never linked directly to it. In your mind you can see the old store with their deals of the week painted on the windows, the candy display at the front, the narrow aisles, the wide array of products, and the man out front spraying off his sidewalk. #

2011.05.12 Athenaeum - Classic Bowling

Athenaeum - Classic Bowling

A great print of an all-time-classic local landmark. I've been there many times and have many fond memories associated with this old place. I'm waiting for it to be in a smaller (and hopefully less-expensive) size. If you're from Salt Lake, you should check out the other work for sale as well, since there is a variety of other local pieces. (I linked to this print prior to the ma.gnolia crash, but obviously lost the link, and only found this recently.) #

2011.05.05 Tom Whalen - "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" Poster

Tom Whalen - "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" Poster

I remember watching this movie as a kid, and being somewhat scarred. I might be more scarred if I were to watch it now (and probably mortified that I watched it as a kid). Despite all that, I really dig this (already sold-out) poster. #

2011.03.07 The Duck Whisperer T-Shirt

The Duck Whisperer T-Shirt

Speaking of things you can buy for me, add this to the list. I thoroughly enjoy The Amazing Race, and think Justin & Zev are entertaining. On last night's episode I noticed Justin wearing this t-shirt, and am pleased to see they're selling some. $31, XXL please. Thanks in advance. #

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