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2010.05.31 Threadless - Apathy...

Threadless - Apathy...

Our Country's Leading Cause of Whatever

I want this t-shirt. 2XL please. Thank you. #

2010.04.12 American Choppers: Wind-up teeth chair

American Choppers: Wind-up teeth chair

Although my wife would never allow it, I think it'd be awesome to have this chair in my front room. Very, very cool. #

2010.04.11 AquaAntics Water Bomb Factory

AquaAntics Water Bomb Factory

My domination as king of water balloon fights would have only been increased by the awesomeness of this. $10? Sign me up. #

2010.02.24 Glen Brogan - Return to a classic

Glen Brogan - Return to a classic

At Galleries 1988 a new Glen Brogan print is being made - one that will appeal to the Mario fan in all of us. I might just need to purchase this when it gets released. #

2010.01.25 Threadless - "The Beetles" T-shirt by Alex Solis

Threadless - "The Beetles" T-shirt by Alex Solis

2XL, please. #

2009.09.07 Guess What Chicken Butt T-shirt (red)

Guess What Chicken Butt T-shirt (red)

If you don't know what to get me for Christmas, here's an idea (in this color, and large enough to fit my girth units). If you're my oldest daughter, you have absolutely no idea why I said "Chicken Butt" as often as I do, but this would clue you in. #

2009.08.28 Playgrounder - The Buyers Guide for Kids and Parents

A well-curated listing of toys, trinkets, clothing, accessories, etc for kids, from Dan Benjamin. #

2009.08.03 Leaders of Tomorrow

Leaders of Tomorrow

Though nowhere nearly as applicable to me these days as it was before, I'd still love to have this shirt. #

2009.06.26 TheDieline.com: Clover Farmstead

TheDieline.com: Clover Farmstead

Butter, packaged in a ceramic crock, with a wonderfully designed label. I'm not into the whole organic shtick, but I might buy this butter just for the crock and label (which cleanly peels off). #

2009.06.26 Meatball Grill Basket

Something about this draws me in. Up through now my favorite meatballs came from an Alton Brown recipe… but if you could get away with smoking the meatballs, and bringing in some extra smokey flavors of awesomeness… I could be converted. #

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