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2009.05.11 A Coda Theme based on Ryan Bate's Railscast Theme

Although I use both Coda and Espresso, this theme by Joe Bergantine is great. I spend too much time staring at code not to be able to appreciate this (plus, who doesn't love the railscast theme?) #

2009.05.09 Website Thumbnail Generator Web App - thummer

Still on the trail of website thumbnail creation, but this time a self-hosted version. If I had a private server with my web host, I'd probably investigate this option a bit closer. It wants me to do more than I'm allowed to do on my host, but seems more accurate than a simple converter like khtml2png. Django, python, kvfb and CutyCapt... the latter two are the real hang-ups for me, since they require me to be able to install as sudo. #

2009.05.09 thumbalizr - thumb your webpages

Ever since ma.gnolia crashed I've been looking around for bookmarking options. Although I'm thrilled with my self-hosting, I'm looking around for options to capture screenshots, thumbnails, or just the text of websites (to accompany bookmarks) for my own safe-keeping. Although I'd prefer to host my own engine for this, if at this moment I had to pick a third party to handle it, thumbalizr would be it, since it lets you store the images on your own server. #

2009.05.08 Konami Code Sites

If you remember Contra like I do, or have heard a reference to the magical code… now certain sites on the interwebs give you a bit more too. #

2009.05.06 cufón - fonts for the people

With full respect to SIFR and how nice it was/is to get alternate fonts into web pages, Cufón is so easy, it makes me wonder why I ever spent the time to figure out SIFR. Very slick. #

2009.05.02 DelliStore: A Free Professional CSS/XHTML/PSD-Template

I wish Smashing Magazine had these back in the day when I started to learn about web design/development, since I would have eaten this stuff up. Instead of chopping apart other people's sites to learn how to adjust stuff, this is a cleanly coded site, just waiting for any manipulation to be made. Slick. #

2009.04.28 Mint: Bird Feeder Pepper

Personally, I love Mint for tracking website stats. Previously I was hooked on Google Analytics, but Mint gives me the info I want and not all the trivial information that doesn't really matter. This little addon (or "pepper") to Mint helps track stats about feeds and clicks on those feeds. Although it's a little tricky to set up, it's already proving its value. #

2008.10.03 Meta Tag Allows Full-Screen iPhone Web Apps

Interesting little tidbit. Add <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes" /> to your web page (ideally iPhone optimized) and you can go full-screen on it. Slick. #

2007.11.13 Test your web design in different browsers - Browsershots

Don't even ask me how much time I may have been wasting in the past with all the different computer I was trying to try out certain web pages on. This is slick. #

2007.11.13 favikon

Upload images, crop them, and create favicons for free! --- Seems pretty handy for later use. #

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