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2005.11.01 Fixing Printers

I'm not saying that I spent 3 hours today fixing 3 different printers, I'm just typing it.

The printers at work understandably enough have certain limitations put on them. We have a color laser printer, as well as a black and white laser printer at work. Both are capable of printing two-sided, but neither of them had that function enabled. After 45 minutes on the phone with the people capable of reporting such an issue to the right people, and documenting my request on the appropriate system (despite me having requested this 3 weeks ago), I was no closer than I was at the beginning of the call. To my surprise, all of 2 hours later, when I checked for the capability, it was there. I was pleased.

My home printer hasn't worked for months. I don't really care, since I don't print much of anything at home. With that being said, my wife wants it to be able to print for the upcoming sending of the holiday letters and whatnot. So…… I was both on the phone and chatting online with India trying to get my printer fixed. The long and short of it: buy new print heads, and you'll be set. I wish the conversation would have ended in time for me to get to CompUSA or Radio Shack to buy the things.

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