Longbored Surfer


Online, I go by Pedro (though I respond to it offline as well). By day I'm a data geek (with lots of SQL, SSMS/RS/IS, and Python). By night I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a husband, father, mac geek, and perpetual micro-hobbyist. 'Why longbored?' you say? I was very bored with a previous job, and I came up with this site one dark evening. My family has been my wonderful cure to boredom, and my links give a good summary as well as this photo:


If you're text-oriented, here are some things I like (in no particular order, and to varying degrees): web design & development, Apple (OS X & iOS), playing video games (Nintendo (Zelda, FTW), Minecraft), listening to music, watching sports (LA Dodgers, San Antonio Spurs, LFC (YNWA)), building LEGO sets, playing board games (Cribbage, Dominion, Kingdom Builder, Istanbul, Azul... or a killer game of Go Fish) & trying new food. Probably other things too. Like sentence fragments.

The name of my site has inspired a kindred bored surfer to name his site in a similar fashion (though for different reasons). Find Paul Seys at http://shortboredsurfer.com.

About the Site (basic colophon)

I love my Mac, and have done everything for the site on it. My preferences are with:

For the actual web side of things, my grandmother, mother, and dead dog have no clue, but I use:

Additionally, some people (see: hardly anyone) might care to know I use:

Contact Me

If you want to contact me, find me on Twitter and mention me, or send me an email using my pseudonym at this domain. To avoid spambots, that's as much of a hint as I'll give.

Don't bother asking about the recipes. At this point, they've been gone longer than they were here.


By day, I've worked for various companies doing Business Intelligence work - from data crunching via SQL or Python to making sense of that data through some reporting tools, I'm all over it. If you think I might be able to help you on a project, reach out.