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These are things that I've found around the interwebs that I like, and I want to share with your, or make a record for myself. Click the name to go to the site, or the # for a permalink back here.

2021.08.31 Playdate Pulp

Playdate Pulp

I'm a fan of Panic, and Shaun Inman. I've preordered a Playdate, but have also enjoyed watching this process unfold. I don't anticipate I'll get really into game development, but I'll surely tinker around with it, to try to appreciate what they've made. The system comes out later this year, but one of these screenshots is timestamped from 2013 - it's been a longer process than I could have imagined before. #

2021.02.04 Follow Him

Follow Him

This year I'm determined to really dive into Doctrine & Covenants. This podcast has sure helped bring additional context to the revelations, meaning to verses, and history that I had overlooked. John and Hank are great hosts, and so far the line-up has been stellar. #

2021.02.01 Mini Modern House

Mini Modern House Mini Modern House Mini Modern House Mini Modern House

An incredible mini house, with so many details all over the place. Composed at 1/12 scale. Look through all the photos of the thread, and you won't be disappointed. #

2021.01.28 And The Writer Is... Jon Bellion

And The Writer Is... Jon Bellion

Jon Bellion is relatively new (and unknown) to me. I've enjoyed a number of his songs, and knew nothing about him. Though long, this podcast episode was fantastic, and filled with lots of nuggets of wisdom both from Jon himself, as well as Ross Golan. I simply don't think about lots of the things these guys were talking about, and I loved it. #

2021.01.28 The New Sketch Icon

The New Sketch Icon

I love the look inside a redesign process like this. Sometimes they're filled with fluff, but I still like seeing the iterations and variations. #

2021.01.28 Red River Clothing Company

Red River Clothing Company Red River Clothing Company

If you've ever lived in Texas, it feels like the state pride stays with you forever. Yellow roses, sports teams, towns somehow with German heritage (in the middle of its wonderful Mexican and Spanish heritage). I'm all in. #

2021.01.27 Simon C. Page

Simon C. Page

Craig Hockenberry shared a screenshot at some point, and I loved the design he had. Turns out it was from Simon C. Page - a wonderfully talented artist, whose work I enjoy. #

2021.01.27 33 Things I Stole From People Smarter Than Me

33 Things I Stole From People Smarter Than Me

It's a great list, with several things I've totally stolen for myself, and lots of links worth clicking through for more info. #

2021.01.27 Distance Gaming Guide

Distance Gaming Guide

Despite the pandemic and encouraged isolation, I've been able to play games with others. BoardGameGeek is a great site, and this tab has been sitting open for months at this point, waiting to be shared with you. #

2021.01.27 8 Logical Fallacies that Mess Us All Up

8 Logical Fallacies that Mess Us All Up

I took a "Critical Thinking" course at some point in college, and it felt like the majority of the class was about logical fallacies. Although I didn't particularly like the class at the time, it has been one of the classes I feel like I reference the most. I liked these reminders, though I admittedly don't understand the author's tendency towards profanity. #

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