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These are things that I've found around the interwebs that I like, and I want to share with your, or make a record for myself. Click the name to go to the site, or the # for a permalink back here.

2019.04.23 Garbage Pail Kids - Where Are They Now

Garbage Pail Kids - Where Are They Now

I sure enjoyed Garbage Pail Kids when I was younger. I really like the concept of these "Where are they Now" variety (no matter how disturbing it might be to see some of them in a more realistic version than the cartoon/doll-based variety). And, I love how they've made a couple of the characters be professionally active with their... ability/condition. Be sure to see them all at the the website of Jake Houvenagle Brandon Voges#

2019.04.01 Breakdown of a Joke

Breakdown of a Joke

As a kid, I felt like I spent a lot of time trying to understand jokes, and what made things funny. This breakdown or dissection of a bit by Jim Gaffigan goes to the next level of helping to understand that. If I could link to the actual graphic in the New York Times, I'd do that. It doesn't appear to exist, unfortunately. #

2019.03.11 Aerial - mac OS Screen Saver

Aerial - mac OS Screen Saver

Screen savers are a little silly, considering so many computer screens these days hardly need saving. Regardless, I love the videos Apple has shot of these various scenes, and I love the ease with which they're displayed on my computer. #

2019.03.04 UrBackup


Several people at work gave me a nudge to consider this tool for a self-hosted, multi-computer backup solution. I haven't tried it yet, but am keeping this here for when I'm ready to give it a shot.

(Hey - I didn't say all the links on here would be super interesting.) #

2019.03.04 Louie Mantia - Wallpapers

Louie Mantia - Wallpapers

I've used Louie Mantia's wallpapers for years. One has been my phone's background for more years than I can remember, and another usually graces a monitor at work. Not fussy. Not loud. Obviously thematic. Perfect. (Be sure to take a look at his "reserve"). #

2019.03.04 Don't feel like an expert? Share anyway.

Don't feel like an expert? Share anyway.

Not that this simple blog qualifies in anyway for what Sara is talking about, but her message has stirred something in me. You know that course I developed that will teach you a computer language, and I made a bunch of videos for? You know that unique perspective I have on X, Y, or Z as I have plugged through it? I didn't think so - probably good to share some of that, in some way. Maybe you should, too. Hm. #

2019.02.28 Emily Blincoe - Arrangements

Emily Blincoe - Arrangements

I love these "arrangements" by Emily Blincoe. They're a good mix of elements I enjoy - lots of nature, with an added bit of organization. Some of these seems like they would require quite a bit of patience to accomplish. This particular image is near the end of the arrangements, and also on her blog#

2019.02.28 In Search of Doors

In Search of Doors

I've had this tab open for several months. I keep going back to a concept V.E. Schwab shares here - that there are multiple doors by which someone may enter into... anything, really. That could be fandom, or expertise, or anything else. We as people that are already in whatever group it may be, we should welcome newcomers, regardless of their path (or entry door). This is well worth the read. #

2019.02.28 Star Wars RPG Character Sheet

Star Wars RPG Character Sheet

To further cement my nerdom, I started playing my first tabletop RPG - Star Wars: Edge of the Empire. Having never played any RPG before, I can say this one has been fun - though it's quite depressing to see how pathetic my own imagination is, as we collaboratively try to tell the story. Regardless, the DM/GM of the game showed up one day with these papers, but couldn't remember where he got them. They're handy, if you come up with your own character, and need to keep notes. (Too bad the original author no longer seems to have a website.) #

2019.01.02 The Graphic Art of The Incredibles 2

The Graphic Art of The Incredibles 2

You have no clue how much I love posts like this - especially for The Incredibles. It's great to see such insight into a film (series) with art that I enjoy so much. #

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