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These are things that I've found around the interwebs that I like, and I want to share with your, or make a record for myself. Click the name to go to the site, or the # for a permalink back here.

2019.07.12 The Rise and Fall of “Mentally Retarded”

The Rise and Fall of “Mentally Retarded”

An interesting article on the "euphemism treadmill" of terms used to describe a condition. I'm absolutely guilty of having been one of the "10 year olds" he describes, but I'm sensitive enough to find the article informative and share it with others. I found myself nodding along at several points, but this paragraph particularly resonated with me:

By declaring the word an insult and also no longer an official term, the community set up a circular argument. If “mental retardation” is no longer an official, or acceptable, term for a specific group of people, how does using it as insult against those who aren’t in that group denigrate those who are? Like "idiot," "moron" and "imbecile," "retarded" is no longer an official term; it is merely an insult on par with "stupid." It doesn’t officially refer to any group, and so it doesn’t denigrate any group. The previous link between insult and official term will fade from memory, as with "idiot." One way or the other, by choosing to abandon the official term, the community gives up the right to be offended by it. They don’t own the word anymore. Instead, we will have to go through this process all over again with the new term.

Hm. #

2019.06.25 What I Learned Co-Founding Dribbble

What I Learned Co-Founding Dribbble

Dan's a good guy, who I've followed on the interwebs for longer than he's done Dribbble. He shares a bunch of good points, several of which I've been thinking over lately. This is well-timed for me. #

2019.06.11 An Exercise Program for the Fat Web

An Exercise Program for the Fat Web

I've known about Pi-hole for a while. Jeff's blog post might be the final impetus for me to give it a shot. I'm partially interested in the ad-blocking nature of it. I'm also interested in the other blocking and monitoring it would do. Plus, it's a good excuse to get the Raspberry Pi out of its box to play with again. #

2019.06.11 Crown Rivals

Crown Rivals

I love that people make new games, because I not only love to play games, but I love to admire their creativity. I also love new games with a standard deck of cards. And I really like deck-building games. I've printed this set of instructions, and plan to play it in the next few days. #

2019.06.11 Monument Valley - 3D Printed Totem

Monument Valley - 3D Printed Totem

Some day I'd like to buy a 3D Printer. I can't yet tell myself I'd use it enough to justify the cost, but I think it'd be fun. Yes I'm a nerd, but you're still reading this. Monument Valley is a great game. I really like the totem from it. Having something like this would be cool. The full combined archive is available on Thingiverse, but for whatever reason wouldn't attach to this post. I've split the full archive into two - one for the totem, and one for Ida (and both with the CC attribution files). Enjoy! #

2019.06.11 Extracting Emoji From Slack

Extracting Emoji From Slack

I use Slack at work. A lot. And the instance of Slack I primarily use has a lot (9000+) of reaction emojis. I then go to use other Slack instances, and they don't have some of the key emojis I rely on for my daily conversations. This tool helped me extract all of the emojis from our Slack instance, so I can use them other places with ease.

:the_more_youknow: :magic: :nerds: :party_parrot: #

2019.06.11 My Clean Floors!

My Clean Floors!

We moved recently, and have had several discussions about how we want our new home to be different than our old home. One of our repeated lines is, "We're in charge of the house - the house isn't in charge of us." In that same vein, it's so easy to fall victim

The house doesn’t want the floors clean. What the house wants is a Clean Floors Monitor, eternally bound to the state of the floors, always admonishing, always testing, ever vigilant, eyes trained forever downward to catch an errant crumb or a shower-fresh footprint. What the house wants is for you to leave your mother and your father, set up enmity between brothers and sisters, and marry the floors. Well, I won’t do it. Come on over and keep your shoes on.

We aim to treat our things nicely, but we hope to have a home we (and others) feel comfortable in. A refuge. "Come on over and keep your shoes on." #

2019.06.11 You Got This.

You Got This.

I needed this extra nudge from one of those people that has been around longer than I. I've had this tab open for weeks.

Learning new things is hard, and it gets harder if you’re rusty at it, but it gets easier if you keep at it. Or so I tell myself, and my friends tell me.

. . .

You can do this, because I can, and I’m more stubborn and more full of myself than you ever were.

So to my old-school sisters and brothers in HTML. If you’re struggling to learn new things today so you can do your job better tomorrow, I’m going to tell you what a friend told me this morning:

“You got this.”

If there's one constant in our field, it's change. And to keep up, you've got to do the same. You got this. #

2019.06.11 Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail

Recently, I wanted to see if I could find and play a specific version of Oregon Trail again. I have fond memories of playing it on my grandmother's Mac Classic. Thanks to the continued amazingness of the Internet Archive wizards, you too can easily experience that.

If you're curious, you can alternatively go the route of emulation on your own computer. Here were some handy links I found in making that happen:

2019.04.23 Garbage Pail Kids - Where Are They Now

Garbage Pail Kids - Where Are They Now

I sure enjoyed Garbage Pail Kids when I was younger. I really like the concept of these "Where are they Now" variety (no matter how disturbing it might be to see some of them in a more realistic version than the cartoon/doll-based variety). And, I love how they've made a couple of the characters be professionally active with their... ability/condition. Be sure to see them all at the the website of Jake Houvenagle Brandon Voges#

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