Longbored Surfer

2005.10.26 Little Blogging Adventure

I've taken the plunge to start blogging. Some of you might argue that this could be considered a blog. Pablonoesta has built itself to be a little more formal that blogging tends to permit. So, due to various reasons, welcome to a newer place for my thoughts. Far less formal. Always under construction.

Most of us have seen a blog of some fashion. I think I decided on Movable Type as my blogging of choice due to its easy setup, price (free), and ability to categorize things multiply. I found an article on MacCentral that kinda talked me into it (that same article told me how to be able to get Movable Type for free). That, plus a conversation with Cliftonite about blogs.

The Longbored Surfer? Yeah, a little name for the blog. I've been bored a long time while surfing the net. Might as well start another self-assigned computer project. This place is going to have lots more stuff about random things.

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