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2005.11.16 MacGourmet Templates

I've regained an interest in MacGourmet. I can't say that I ever really LOST interest in it, but it wasn't at the front on my mind. I was looking at some site stats for my other home and found that I had a lot of traffic due to recipes that weren't incorporated into my site, specifically my 2 dinky MacGourmet collections (I Have This Really Good Recipe For… and Recipes from Other Places).

In all honesty I had essentially forgotten about this stuff. Migrating the Cook's Illustrated stuff over to the new site was such a project that I forgot about these tiny collections. No, MacGourmet had never lost its place on my toolbar, and I kept updating it when new releases came out. It just lost its place in my mind for a while.

Reminded of some of the quirks of the MacGourmet publishing, and with a bit more web experience under my belt, I decided to create my own template for these recipes. Not just any template, but one that would actually work, both on screen (with the whole slew of browser issues out there), as well as on paper (the old templates just didn't print well at all). So, with these things in mind, I've created some templates, and I'll post them shortly. I'm still figuring out this new blogging software, so it might not be pretty how I link to it. Oh well, deal with it ;)

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