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2006.08.16 The Impossible

The ImpossibleI have achieved the near impossible. It was difficult and required immense concentration. I knew that if I focused hard enough, and kept the prize in mind, that I would be able to accomplish that which I had originally set out to do. The goal (from my understanding) had never been set so high. Owls are claimed to be very wise, but if the official owl failed at this as well, then maybe their wisdom is just knowledge as they failed to apply that knowledge correctly. I made it all the way through a Tootsie Pop without biting it. Yeah, I know… I'm cool.

I'm aware that the official challenge is to find out how many licks it takes. I viewed the real challenge as not biting it. Other people have already spent too much time trying to figure that out. (random note here - that whole "send in your wrappers which have indians and stars and get a free bag of tootsie pops" thing? total sham)

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