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2005.09.13 Department of Redundancy Department

I can understand why people repeat some things. As a teaching or memory tool, it serves wonderfully. It helps to review things that have been discussed, check for understanding, whatever. What I can't understand is when people feel obligated to repeat stuff that has already been mentioned by way of an abbreviation. When's the last time you went to an ATM machine? Yeah, my point exactly…

Abbreviations shorten our language, and many times they're very useful. Maybe it's just that we've gotten too used to using the abbreviations that we've forgotten what they stand for. I know that I kid around a lot on this site - it's just how things should be, but this next one is dead serious. As one of the best examples of abbreviation stupidity (intentional or not), I know of a person who said, with regularity, "For your FYI."

I know I'm not the sharpest pencil in the bunch, but by saying something like that you break your own pencil clean in half. In my workplace there is a number called a JRN, which stands for Job Reference Number. The thing that kills me is is when people call it a JRN Number. That one is right up there with ATM Machine, ABS Braking System and LCD Display.

No, there isn't an attempt at a clever list with this one. I think this speaks for itself in pure stupidity. Best of wishes.

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