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2007.09.10 A Lot Fewer Headaches

It's this easy: make the product easy to open. I'm not talking about certain types of products, I'm talking about all products (though Mother's (pink and white) Circus Animal Cookies are the product that made me write this). It's the worst when you're trying to open something, and not only does it open, eventually, but it opens a little excessively and either rips down the side of the bag, or essentially explodes, making stuff go everywhere. Chips seem to be a popular thing to cause these issues. Electronics are tough, but only the ones those plastic-stamped cases that require either a pair of super tough scissors, or an act of deity to open. I'm aware that some of the products are packaged in a way to either cut down on theft, or to make the product not burst open at some point pre-consumer consumption… but for all the money we spend on these freakin' things, you'd think they could invest at least a little in making the packages more friendly to consumers. Despite the serving size of 6 cookies, I have a ruined bag on my hands, and I'm not willing to let them go bad, just because Mother's can't engineer a decent bag.

2007.07.30 DC, I'm Sorry

When I feel like it, I know when I'm wrong (let's be honest here, I'm male, and stubborn, and I'm me… so it's when I feel like it, not all the time (this is probably worthy of its own blog entry by itself)). I say this because I owe an apology you. I've done wrong, and I've made a fool of myself. For all the bad things I've said about you, you've never mislead me, or been untrue to yourself. Diet Coke, please forgive me.


2007.07.13 Speed-o-meter

The other day I was speaking with somebody and they pronounced "speedometer" like "SPEED-oh-mee-ter" as opposed to "sped-AWE-meh-ter". I thought to myself and commented afterwards, "If that's what that's called, wouldn't it be measuring speedos instead of… speed?" For the record, I'd like to provide you a list of things that I'd personally like to nothave to deal with on a daily basis, let alone measure (in no particular order):

I think things pretty much speak for themselves in that list. :)

2007.05.30 Best Worst Ever Never

It's debatable. To say that something is the best or worst or to make those kind of comments that seem to block out other possibilities – I find it annoying. It feels like it's been happening more and more recently.


2007.04.17 Picky Eaters

I don't understand picky eaters. That's probably because I'm not one. I've seen a number of different styles of picky eaters. They all have their reasons for choosing to eat or not eat something, and I have chosen to make observations about these things (as you may have noticed by a blog full of these observations).


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