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2006.01.19 Handycap Parking

Inspired by an article on Geoff Hack's blog Plotting and Scheming, I decided I should go take a picture of a local sign that I've always found curious. I'll cut to the chase and give you a link to the photo here.

Handycap ParkingDespite this sign being at a restaurant, I thought it far more appropriate to be located at a Home Depot, or something along those lines. It'd have been cool if the actual parking spots were also spelled the same way, but no luck. Just the dude in the chair with "Parking" underneath it. Enjoy.

I only find it slightly upsetting, since I found this at one of the businesses closest to my home. Hopefully this type of thing doesn't rub off on others.

Since I like the idea/practice of taking pictures of truly pointless objects, and going on the theory that a picture is worth a thousand words (domain name is already taken… I checked…) hopefully more signs will join this one. Good on ya Geoff for the idea.

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