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2016.03.06 Wii Hacking Links

Years ago I hacked my Wii, and I was/am thrilled with it. I have no interest in pirating games, but I'm very interested in my kids not scratching the game discs, and leaving them out to be ruined. Hacking my Wii allowed me to hook up a hard drive to the Wii, and show them how to play any/every game we own without ruining another (expensive) disc. I'm not going to bother trying to do a comprehensive write-up of how I went about doing it, but I'm doing a clean-up of all of my (still) open tabs, and all of these go together. In case you're a person who cares about this sort of thing, you get the benefit of having some helpful links together. If you're not a person who cares, you'll likely ignore this, as you have with so much other stuff on my site.


2009.06.13 G2 20090612

G2 20090612 - Front (Small)It's the Year of MMIX, and you need to be making a mix. We've already talked about this. I don't just want say you need to make a mix, but I've now spun up the first disc to get this party started… or jam session. It's just shy of six months since I created the previous G2 album, but I'm back with another. Breaking from the norm, this album has less to do with my love for my wife, but more to do with a theme of music. I really aimed for music one could just chill out, lounge around, put this album on, sip a drink, enjoy some conversation and good company… and be perfect. Additionally, it'd be something that I think I could play if/when Maria and I sit out on the deck in the evenings together.


2009.05.05 The Year of the MMix

You need to make a mix. It's that simple. I've wasted four whole months of one of the best years for the next thousand years. While looking at the artwork for (one of my recently linked-to items) Ben Folds Presents: University a Cappaella! I noticed the roman numerals for 2009 are MMIX. It struck me… The Year of the MMix. Your elementary school brain may have suppressed roman numerals along with other bad memories, but this isn't the year to let that get you down. I just can't let this year go by (nor the mention of school) – I'm giving you homework.

When's the last time you made a mix? Seriously. I'm not talking about firing up iTunes and letting it make you a playlist via iTunes DJ or Genius. I'm talking about a heartfelt “This song actually means something to me/us or I want to share it.” type of mix. Whenever it was, it's time to make another one. Honestly now. Don't think I'm just bringing this up once. I'll be harping on this for the rest of the year.

You're 20-something? 30-something? 40-something? 50-something? 60-something? I don't care. It's time. It's time to take advantage of the MMix year. Find a theme, start picking out songs, keep it to CD-length, burn a disc, print a track list, and for extra credit, give it to somebody. Here are some ideas for you:

You could do any of these (or all of these), or something totally different. The point here is to make a mix this year. I'd LOVE to hear back from you on this. Post a comment here. Put the track list here if you don't want to post it somewhere else. Get your friends to make a mix this year.

Making mixes isn't just for teenagers and bloggers still in love with their spouse.

2009.04.12 Polar Bear Victimized in Headline

Currently the headline here reads “Polar bear attacks woman at Berlin Zoo” but let's take a look at the very first paragraph…

A polar bear attacked a woman at Berlin Zoo Friday afternoon after she climbed a fence and jumped into its habitat during feeding time…

The woman did what? The bears are actively feeding, and the woman climbs a fence then jumps into their habitat, and we're blaming the polar bears for attacking her? Pay no attention to the pure stupidity of the woman, and her brave attempts to remove her genes from the gene pool… let's focus on the bears and the crazy ways they follow their animal instincts.

2009.01.31 Rediscovering Lego's

Mail CarrierFine. I admit it. I've been playing with Lego's, as an adult, for a full two months. This posting is my final step in saying that I shouldn't be, nor have anything for which to be ashamed. Back in the day I really liked building Lego's. I stopped, for whatever reason, but at some point last year, I started noticing them again. I took the plunge and by the grace of my parents (and brother) reacquired my old Lego's. With a little help, I re-built all my former sets. From the best I can tell, out of the 26+ sets of Lego's I own (which total some 7,000+ pieces), I'm roughly missing about 40 pieces. I'd say that's not too bad for toys that have been in use for so many years.


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