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2005.07.20 Intra-Office Email

Emails get sent out all the time which announce a variety of things. A new deal with ________ a company-wide notice about ________ and organizational announcement about somebody who got ________ new position. It could really be anything. What never ceases to amaze me is just how stupid some people are when it comes to such wide-spread emails.

Let's just say that you were a supervisor of some fashion. One of your employees was just promoted. An organizational announcement went out about it, letting everybody know of their new position, some of their qualifications, and maybe their favorite color or food. You as a leader are pleased with your employee, so you wish to congratulate them, and maybe recognize them within their former group of co-workers. You desire to send an email to this relatively small group of people to help recognize that person, and to help people see that some of your employees can indeed move on to bigger and better things. You've got great intentions, but your execution is horrible, and this is what happens…

You click the "Reply to All with History" button and end up sending out your email to EVERYONE who got the original email. Not only do you send it to 20 times the number of people than really need it, but in your one word response to the promotion you spell your congratulatory word incorrectly as "Congradulations." Despite my desires to slam this individual with suggestions of incompetence, I will refrain.

There should probably be a license to send emails to more than X number of people. It would prevent some people from doing what you did. If you have permission and actually send an email to that significant number of people, please run the spell check before clicking the "Send" button. It'll save you from being the target of future discourses.

Other classic words that you could easily spell incorrectly:

  • Ewe
  • Four-got
  • Two
  • Cheque
  • You're
  • Spelling

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