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2007.08.23 My Job Predicament

It's weird to have a job where nobody else (there) knows how to do your job. There are some people who know how to do parts of my job there locally, and there are some that probably know how to do my job at other locations… but I can't turn to really… anybody there for a helping hand. To me, that's weird.


2007.05.30 Best Worst Ever Never

It's debatable. To say that something is the best or worst or to make those kind of comments that seem to block out other possibilities – I find it annoying. It feels like it's been happening more and more recently.


2007.01.29 Range of "Bless-you" Obligation

Somebody sneezed today and I wondered what my obligation to say "bless-you" was to them, considering the pysical distance and people between us. With that in mind, and in the spirit of the superb blog "Indexed" I came up with this:

Range of 'Bless-You' Obligation

I'm aware that there could be several more factors in this, but this is a good basis.

2007.01.08 Puzzle Piece Stealers

They know that the person to put in the last piece of the puzzle somehow gets a bit more glory. While others are feverishly putting the puzzle together, and obviously doing more of the puzzle than them, they sneak a piece off of the table to be revealed later.


2006.12.20 Feelings about 2006

Despite the fact that I publish things on the internet and allow pretty much anybody to read it, I'm still a fairly private person. This year is about to come to a close and I've experienced far more than I've talked about on this blog.


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