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2006.11.08 My Mood Is Controlled by the Spurs

Spurs Desktop PictureI'd like to welcome each of you to the time of year in which my mood is impacted by the performance of a certain sports team. I can't say how much my life is impacted by the San Antonio Spurs, but I know it is to some extent. I recently read (actually listened to) the book "Fever Pitch" and made quite an impression on me (thanks to my brother for the suggestion on the book).

No, I didn't watch the movie, I was told that it sucked compared to the book. I was also told that the movie somewhat ruined the book. In case you're super curious, I was told that the guy who reads the book is the same guy who (in the movie Notting Hill) goes with Hugh Grant up to Anna Scott's hotel room – but you're probably not that curious.

The book is about a soccer fan in England, and how his life in completely tied to soccer. It analyzes the motives, habits, and reasoning of a sports fanatic. Although I don't consider myself nearly as lost in sports as the author of the book, I could certainly relate to many of his stories. So, before the fifth game of the season takes place this evening, I again express my good tidings to you as the year finally begins. If I'm groggy, upset, or making obscure references, it's probably just about a game that took place – shame on you for not knowing.

Curious about some of the cooler things I've discovered recently with regards to the Spurs?

  • Spurs Official Site - They get paid to do this, and they've got some pretty cool stuff
  • ESPN's Spurs Page - and they get paid too
  • Game Notes - read the same notes the media gets with regards to the most recent game, plus notes (and probable starters) on the upcoming games. They don't keep the old versions of the notes.
  • Spurs Gameday Archive - Get the Spurs slant on their game, plus you can get cool desktop pictures and whatnot.
  • Pounding the Rock - a Spurs fan's blog… about the spurs. He's a lost cause as far as addiction goes.
  • Spurs Talk - now you can rant and rave about the Spurs as a group. I wonder if they make you stand, say your name, and how long you've been going there.
  • Spurs Report - a good collection of Spurs news and insights. Seems to be updated regularly.
  • My San Antonio(.com) - nothing like the most biased reviews of the team that matters most

My brother supports and encourages the art of "reading the opponents newspaper" to get their take on the most recent game. Although I support it, I don't do it regularly - I just don't care enough I guess. I'm not going to provide links to all of those newspapers. If you're already as lost as can be in your Spurs addiction, you probably already do this too. Anyway… hope you/I have the best of seasons.

Interested in a little Pedro original artwork for your computer related to the Spurs? Get the 1024x768 or 1280x1024 version of that little ditty above. Neither of them work for your monitor? Ask me for one.

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