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2007.01.18 Supposably, Acrossed, Ecspecially

Some people use words that don't exist, yet the rest of us act like nothing is wrong. These non-existent-word users must be stopped. Three of the largest infractions which I have yet to talk about are when people use the pseudo-words “Supposably”, “Acrossed”, and “Ecspecially”.

Maybe it's just that people don't hear the differences between their real counter-parts and these made up words.

Remember some of my previous rants about word-based stuff? Check out 110%, May & Can, Specific, Couldn't Care Less.

What seems to be most frustrating is when people of supposed intelligence use these words. In the day of spell check (even spell check built into web browsers now to make sure you don't fill out forms incorrectly), how is it that they can continue to botch this? It must not be a priority for them… but it still is for me, ecspecially when they're sitting acrossed from me and are supposably intelligent.

  • Supposably - Able to Suppose, often used when the word “supposedly” is intended, probably due to lack of ability to hear the difference between a ‘d’ and ‘b’, possibly confused with “supposable”
  • Acrossed - similar to accost, possibly a combination of “across” and “crossed”. Not ever actually heard in combination with any of those words
  • Ecspecially - that little extra added ‘c’ is a kicker, I can't even act like I know where it came from. Eccentric? Eclectic? Eretarded?

(a little nod to Strude for reminding me of one of these culprit words)

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