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2006.04.24 Windshield Wiper Speed

It's raining again. It seems that some people have no concept of matching their windshield wiper speed with the amount of rain that is falling on their windshield. Maybe they're oblivious to the sound of their wipers doing that whole semi-wet rubber skipping across glass. Even if they're not making that noise, they're still going faster than a fat guy towards an open buffet line.

It's just humorous to see somebody's wipers going at top speed while it is barely sprinkling. Which is more intrusive - a little bit of water on your windshield, or wipers crossing your view 100+ times a minute? "I can't see when there's water on my windshield!!" I'm distracted enough by their wipers that I notice them going at top speed when I'm in a different car. At that point it's not the water that's distracting me. These are probably the same people that leave their turn signals on for a few miles after they've changed lanes on the freeway.

Also, do me a favor - if your wipers are on, your headlights should be on as well. Not too tough of a concept, right?

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