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2006.08.25 You MUST Fill this Out

Recently I was on a flight where a form was required to be filled out. It was clearly communicated that this form was not an option, and that they would shortly be collecting the completed forms. Oh, and by the way, no we don't have anything for you to use to fill this form out. If this were a harsher world, and they had set a 2 minute deadline, and the consequence for not filling out that form was death, yet they wouldn't provide anything to anybody for helping in filling out that form… they would have had a mutiny on their hands. People scrambling to get something to write with, or just pricking their fingers for a new writing tool. I'm taking this a little far, but I thought it was a little harsh, "You must fill this out, but we won't help you do that at all. T minus 10, 9, 8…"

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