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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting The Longbored Surfer – something I hope you do again. This page, in words which are boring, yet fairly clear, is intended to serve as the privacy policy of LongboredSurfer.com. It details what information I collect on this site and how I use it. Hold on for an awesome ride of boring, but necessary information. LongboredSurfer.com was designed by me, “Pedro”, primarily as a personal blog, but additionally as a place to share content that I find of interest.

Personally Identifiable Information

When submitting comments/feedback about blog entries, or when using the contact form, some personally identifiable information is gathered. Although some information is required to use theses features, obviously you are not required to use the features, and therefore not required to submit the information. Any personally identifiable information submitted to LongboredSurfer.com is never distributed, sold, given or made available to any other party or persons. I know how much I don't like junk mail, and I imagine you might feel the same.

Web Analytics

LongboredSurfer.com uses two different tools to gather statistics about site visitors. These two services include, but are not limited to, Mint and Google Analytics. I primarily use these services to help identify popular content and to possibly make adjustments or improvements to overall site content. The information gathered through these tools includes, but is not limited to, IP address, date/time/duration of visit, and page(s) visited. Additionally, I use these tools just for random curiosity on my part. “They found my site by searching for what? Weird.”

Affiliate Links

At times I link to content for which I personally might receive a percentage of the sales. A man's gotta earn some money, and if it doesn't cost you any extra, yet I earn off of the transaction… sounds like it's win-win for both of us. Depending on the provider, these links may identify limited information about the nature of the purchase, but never is any personally identifiable information about a purchase made known to me. The normal information gathered is the amount spent and my commission earned. At times a vague product description might be provided, but I'm really just in this to make an extra buck or two.


Due to my personality as well as the people with whom I associate, not to mention my site, you may come in contact with awesomeness. Be aware that you too may become a bit more awesome, cool, or likeable by others… all due to my site. In no way does your exposure to LongboredSurfer.com guarantee an increase in your level of awesomeness. Additionally, this awesomeness is guaranteed not to inflict any sort of personal discomfort. If you notice an increased level of awesomeness because of this site, or awesomeness that lasts for more than four hours, that's pretty cool. Try to share that awesomeness with others by recommending they visit my site too.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. Thanks for reading the fine print.