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2012.08.07 (G2) 20111012

20111012 - Front (Shortie)I'm obviously really delayed in making this entry, but the following entry will show why I needed to finally make it. Much like some prior G2 mixes I made for Mary which were focused on a particular decade of music (60's, 70's, and 80's), this mix was focused on just the 1950's.

To get things started, here's the track listing (based on the Billboard Top 30-100 of each year):

01All Shook UpElvis Presley1:58
02Rock Around the ClockBill Haley & His Comets2:10
03Rockin' RobinBobby Day2:36
04Yakety YakThe Coasters1:53
05Rag MopThe Ames Brothers2:39
06Rebel RouserDuane Eddy2:26
07Only You (And You Alone)The Platters2:37
08Blueberry HillFats Domino2:24
09You Send MeSam Cooke2:43
10Sea of LovePhil Phillips2:23
11I Get IdeasTony Martin2:40
12What a Difference a Day MakesDinah Washington2:29
13I Only Have Eyes For YouThe Flamingos3:25
14Sam's SongBing Crosby & Gary Crosby2:53
15Memories Are Made Of ThisDean Martin2:17
16Take a Message to MaryThe Everly Brothers2:28
17Send for MeNat "King" Cole2:32
18Sh BoomCrew Cuts2:46
19Come Go With MeThe Del-Vikings2:39
20Mr. SandmanThe Chordettes2:23
21Why Do Fools Fall In LoveFrankie Lymon and The Teenagers2:21
22That's Why (I Love You So)Jackie Wilson2:06
23So FineFiestas2:24
24Mr. LeeThe Bobbettes2:13
25If I Knew You Were CominEileen Barton2:36
26(How Much Is) That Doggie in the WindowPatti Page2:27
27Eh CumpariJulius La Rosa2:29
28Kiss Of FireGeorgia Gibbs2:29
29Splish SplashBobby Darin2:13
30Sea CruiseFrankie Ford2:44
31Day-O (Banana Boat)Harry Belafonte3:05

20111012 - Front (Shortie)

Because I made this now so long ago (let's just pretend that 10 months ago is a long time, okay?), I don't remember much about the design process of the artwork. Here are a few notes about it at this point:

  • I know I wanted something that would feel like the 50's, and from my own notes, it was inspired by this Columbia record envelope.
  • I wanted to make it feel like it was done in a multi-step printing, and the alignment was just slightly off between the different colors. I'm not super familiar with that process, so I'm sure I messed up… but I don't really care.
  • I love that songs from this time period are so short, mainly because it means I could fit more songs on the mix (which still fits on an 80 minute CD (even though I don't really remember the last time I bought an actual CD)).
  • Listening to all of the Billboard Top Hits of the 1950's was interesting in demonstrating how much of a game-changer Elvis was. Before him, everything felt like semi-sappy ballads, in the style of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. It was reminiscint of preparing for G2 20081225, with the 60's and The Beatles. My mother has never been a fan of Elvis, so I inherited a little disrespect for him. Nothing could have changed my opinion more than making this mix. Elvis, my hat is off to you (we'll just pretend he didn't steal the style from anybody else). Because of that overwhelming impression, I felt I needed to give him a place of honor at the beginning of the album. I'm particularly impressed with the "her lips are like a volcano when it's hot" part of the song, since he really fits "cano 'en it's" into a single beat… and actually freakin' works. Really, very impressive.
  • Rag Mop is a song my father always butchered when I was growing up. When your hair was a mess, he'd throw down "R-A-G-G-M-O-P-P RAGMOP… RAGMOP!" on you.
  • You Send Me - I love the simplicity of this song, and Sam Cooke's pure voice and lyrics (which can be said for What a Difference a Day Makes. I can't dedicate a song to Maria more than this one.
  • Sea of Love - Phil Philips (not Phillip Phillips, mind you) - I love the base harmony line, so indicative of this time period (and the obvious intro of Why Do Fools Fall in Love, though you might think more of Mr. Sandman as the perfect symbol of 50's music).

20100319 - Back

I'm sure I could make comments on each and every song on the album, but I'll leave it now to you for your enjoyment. Maria, as always, I love you, and hope you enjoy(ed) this mix.

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