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2007.09.01 Recipe Collection Revamp

Surprise!! I took the liberty to redo the recipe collection. I know that nobody asked me to do it, but I did it anyway. This represents some magical happenings by yours truly to incorporate the recipes into their own publishing system. I spent good time to make sure that the old recipe page(s) would automatically lead to their new home (don't forget to update your bookmarks). If it didn't… well… you got here somehow, so… maybe it actually did work.

You may ask, "Why?" and I would say… "Because.". Previously the recipes where housed in their own database, and weren't really all that easy for me to update (hence my lateness in putting up recipes sometimes). I'm kind of tired of doing that, and I wanted to take advantage of some of the cool features of a publishing system. So here's what you get out of the deal:

Hopefully you like the new features as well. If so, drop me a line letting me know. I very rarely won't respond, so keep your eyes peeled for that response from me. Happy cooking & eating! :)

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