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2007.08.08 The Un-Secret

The other day I went to Wal-Mart (which deserves it's own whole blog entry about why it's evil, etc) and purchased some food from a little deli area they have. When I was done with my transaction, the lady said to me, “Tell your friends about us!”. Excuse me? You want me to tell people about what? About Wal-Mart? You think people need to be told about you? “Hey… psst… come here. You're not gonna believe this… but there's this place… down the street, right… that sells stuff for super cheap, right… but is generally filled with WT and totally rude customers, and all the employees look disheveled and angry all the time (because they're pretty much gettin' pimped by their employer). … … What's that?… Yeah, I know… it's hard to believe something like that exists. It's called… Wal-Mart” I can only hope she meant to tell people about their little deli area there. While I'm on the topic, they were selling cooked turkey legs at this thing, and all I could think of was the Flintstones with that big 'ol thing. Sick. I opted for some popcorn chicken and a white peach.

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