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2011.07.06 HobbyGameDev - Think by Building / Build to Answer Questions


It's a simple concept, but one I didn't articulate on my site.

A musician is more likely to dream up new songs by strumming on the guitar than by writing notes on the page. A chef is more likely to invent a new recipe by trying a bold variation on an otherwise known formula - while actively preparing the invented dish, not while sitting in the park with a pen and a notepad. A painter, no doubt, benefits by investing some mental energy in deciding on subject or approach, but I think that the genius of Mona Lisa happened while standing at the canvas with paint.

Building isn't just for final decisions, it's also for arriving at better decisions. Don't just build to keep what's built; build to think, and build to answer questions.

I couldn't agree more.

Via @shauninman

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