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2007.11.20 Two, no, wait... Three with One Stone

We're supposed to be impressed when people say they've killed two birds with one stone - if those are real kills, or just being efficient. If that's the pinnacle of efficiency, then how am I supposed to feel when I catch three mice in one trap… in one night? Efficientest? Coolestest? Bestest everest? Some of you may be tired of reading about my various adventures in mouse-ocide, but when they're not getting into my house any longer (4 weeks of sanity, and counting), I get sick pleasure out of killing the little SoM's. I feel like I need to share in my joy with others. FYI, I caught another one in a tin cat last night as well. Four in one night is a record for me, and now bumps my total number up to 22 mice (yeah, sick). The other day when we saw one of our neighbors, he asked how things where going, at which point I gave him an update (not sure why he doesn't read my blog), and he told me that he might start calling me “Killer”. I think I'll stick with “Pedro”.

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