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2016.04.12 Super Mario World Skull Platform Lava Sprites

I couldn't find the sprites for a certain type of lava from Super Mario World anywhere on the internet. Sure, the standard non-moving, bubbling, lava is out there, but I wanted the lava that skull platforms ride on. So, I went and ripped them, and I'm sharing them here, because I can.


2009.12.09 Messing with My Head

Considering our recent event, I don't think it's abnormal to have something on my mind. I still have yet to find out any information about the other party involved. I imagine that information is shortly forthcoming as it has been now 2 weeks (!) since it happened.


2009.11.26 Thankful to be Alive

Among countless other things, today I'm thankful my family and I are alive. A little before 11 AM yesterday morning (11/25/09), while traveling from southern California to the Salt Lake valley, a car coming from the opposite direction came across the median, spun, clipped the semi/tractor-tailor we were about to pass, and unfortunately slammed directly into the front of our vehicle. Despite bumps, bruises, sore necks, seatbelt and airbag burns, some damaged luggage, and a car whose future doesn't look very bright… we're okay, home, and thankful to be alive. We have so much for which to be thankful. I must publicly state how thankful I am to our Heavenly Father for how well things turned out.


2009.08.31 Maria's Party Invitations

A while back I created an invitation for Maria's birthday party. Inspired by a birthday card created by the incredibly talented Ben Schlitter, I wanted to add a personal touch to the invitations. I wanted something beyond the usual hand-lettering which let people know an invitation was hand-made, but didn't want it to look too amateurish. Granted, this invitation was technically computer-made, but you know what I mean. With a Mexican theme to the party, I went to work.


2009.04.11 Easter Eggs

2009 Easter EggsI think it's an obligation to put an egg in every dye available, and make sure it turns into some sort of putrid color. I was pleased to see that today's version leaned more in the direction of purplish-slate, as opposed to poo-brown, like it usually does. The girls had a good time. Becky ate ”jaibeens“ while the rest of us went nuts with the dye. She likes jellybeans. A lot.

I wish we had twice as many eggs to dye, since I have trouble sharing with others. I'm looking forward to deviled eggs, or egg salad, or both. Happy Easter.

Update: My apologies for not posting a photo of the eggs. I didn't realize that it would be desired. Here you can see them. Unfortunately, the purplish-slate egg has gone the way of all the earth. Although I originally did the egg in the upper-right as a slightly patriotic egg, I was reminded of the review and mockery of Pepsi's new logo, and remembered how much I enjoyed this interpretation of their new logo. Off topic, but important. ;)

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