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2007.11.22 Giving 100 Thanks - 2007

Inspired in some ways by others' lists/comments (1, 2, 3), I'm going to list 100 things for which I am thankful, or which make me happy. There's no particular order here, and I'm bound to forget something, or leave something out. Just a little activity for me on a day dedicated to giving thanks…

My wife, her smile, her kindness, her thoughtfulness, how she loves being a mother, her sense of humor, how she disagrees with me, her friendship, her cooking skills, how well she takes care of me.

Cecilia, her cheerful mood in the mornings, her playfulness, how she likes to chill with her blanket, how kind & polite she is to everyone, her laugh, that she says “Peace Out”, that she thinks I'm fun & funny, her imagination, her quirks.

Becky, her big toothless smile, how nice she's been so far, that she sucks her thumb, how she does whole-body convulsions when she smiles, her active eyes and eyebrows, that she likes the baby swing, how she'll sleep anywhere, that she's okay with “strangers”, how she makes everyone around her happier.

Parents - both birth and others, their wisdom, their patience, their kindness, their ability to see beyond the moment, their friendship, how much they've done for me, all the things they haven't done for me, their example, their genes.

Siblings, their friendship, how they're always there for you, that they know they can speak their mind with me, the fond memories with them, how they were my one guarantee when moving, their examples, their uniqueness, where they live, that I'll have them around forever.

Religion, trials, the restoration, truth, missions, answers, Him, The Plan, Scriptures, prophets.

My job, that I can be paid to be a nerd, how it lets me provide for my family, my coworkers, how much I like it, the constant room for learning, how much it seems I'm appreciated, how flexible they are, the little perks, the official benefits.

My mac, Apple, 10.5.1, TextMate, iPhoto '08, Macromedia/Adobe Fireworks, CSSEdit, Transmit, Keynote, Media Rage.

Music, my ipod, my junky car, my short commute, friends, birthdays, holidays, the demise of the mice, my comfortable bed, my brown shoes, my home, good parking spaces, the Zelda series, Nintendo, good books, Threadless, sunny days, family, friends, and last (but far from least), food.

Obviously this list could go on for much longer, but this exercise was for me and I think it served its purpose. Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. I hope you have a great meal, with good friends and/or family around. In a year where I won't have any leftovers to enjoy I wish you the best sandwiches some turkey, mayo, pepper and hearty bread can provide.

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