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2008.10.16 I Hope You're Sitting Down

DeliciousnessI hope you're seated – chances are you are already. It might be best if it were a chair that could recline a bit, and if you had some smelling salts nearby. I don't mean to upset you with this… but I was nearly floored when I found out for myself. A piece of your heart is about to die… technically it filed bankruptcy and closed its doors last week. That's right—Mother's Cookies, makers of the oh-so-tasty-and-delicious pink and white Circus Animal Cookies is gone. 94 years of deliciousness is about to disappear from your grocer's shelves. You played with them as a kid, indulged in them as an adult, and now I've got you in tears about their soon-to-be non-existence.

Stop reading this blog. Stop right now and go to the grocery store and buy some. If you don't, they might not be there the next time you actually want some. Don't bother going to the store nearest my workplace, because I bought all but 2 of their bags. It appeared to me that somebody else had my same idea. Sure, the expiration date is in March… but I've now guaranteed myself another 5 months of this piece of my life.

I'm not going to delve into their closing and whether it was done properly or not. This evening while coddling a bag of their cookies I'm not going to cry… much. I can only hope that another company buys the recipe or the rights to make my favorite store-bought cookie – a cookie I feel has made me who I am today. Until that time comes, I hope my stockpile holds up. Let me bid a hopefully temporary farewell to these cookies in the best way I know how – a haiku of passing:

Covered in frosting
Probably not good for me
Freakin' delicious

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