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2007.08.23 My Job Predicament

It's weird to have a job where nobody else (there) knows how to do your job. There are some people who know how to do parts of my job there locally, and there are some that probably know how to do my job at other locations… but I can't turn to really… anybody there for a helping hand. To me, that's weird.

The other day I figured out how to do something pretty cool (to me). I was having a little fiesta for having figured it out (which involved me extending my arms into the air, and pointing skyward while saying ”Yes!“ in a not-loud voice) but felt awkward only because nobody else would understand. Sure, I could explain it to one person who sits near me, but they don't deal with anything even remotely similar to my job. It turned into a session of me seriously geeking out on them, and getting a kind-but-not-too-understanding smile in return. Another coworker of mine returned and asked what we were talking about. Although they do do more of my job, they didn't fully appreciate it either. <sigh>

It's cool to have that kind of job security, or to be feel like you have a skill set that is that unique… but the tiny victories I celebrate throughout my day/week/month/year/job pretty much have to stick with me… and my boss when I ask for a raise. ;)

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