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2009.11.26 Thankful to be Alive

Among countless other things, today I'm thankful my family and I are alive. A little before 11 AM yesterday morning (11/25/09), while traveling from southern California to the Salt Lake valley, a car coming from the opposite direction came across the median, spun, clipped the semi/tractor-tailor we were about to pass, and unfortunately slammed directly into the front of our vehicle. Despite bumps, bruises, sore necks, seatbelt and airbag burns, some damaged luggage, and a car whose future doesn't look very bright… we're okay, home, and thankful to be alive. We have so much for which to be thankful. I must publicly state how thankful I am to our Heavenly Father for how well things turned out.

Considering I had the cruise control set at 75 mph, slammed on the brakes (slowing us to an unknown speed), hit the other car (which was traveling in the opposite direction), sat and watched firefighters and paramedics use two sets of Jaws of Life on the other car (to remove the top of the car, and a chunk of the back (to extract the driver, as well as the passenger who was somehow partially wedged into the trunk)), then watched them get airlifted by helicopter (which landed right in the middle of the freeway (which was awesome))… considering all this, and we essentially walked away (after a couple ambulance rides to a trauma center to be all checked out)… there is unquestionably a higher being who was watching out for us.

Unlike the previous accident, I didn't want any pictures of this one. I don't need or want any help in remembering how things looked. I don't want to see my battered car, or be reminded of just how helpless I felt as the provider and protector of my family. I don't want to be reminded of the unkind thoughts or feelings I had toward the other driver. We survived and fared very well considering all things.

Unfortunately I know very little about the man and woman in the other car. I know they were far more injured than we were – indicated by both the helicopter and further news I got about them. I hope and pray for their speedy and complete recovery, as well as for their family as they deal with this event.

My gratitude is not limited towards Him, but also to

  • Our family and friends – for all the support – we truly are blessed to have you all
  • All the emergency and medical personnel who assisted us (especially those who took care of my wife and children) – I couldn't have asked for better
  • Honda – for engineering such incredibly safe automobiles
  • Graco – for protecting such precious cargo – my two beautiful daughters
  • (on a lighter note) Burger King – for the delicious breakfast which helped me keep my energy and strength until I ate lunch/dinner at 8 PM (or something like that)
  • (on a musical note) Jack Johnson – for providing the soundtrack during the accident

I am thankful to be alive. I don't know what He has in store for me/us, but obviously he has something planned. Here's to another year of life, and a lifetime of productive and grateful days.

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